New Research Reveals Deep Engagement among Hispanic Magazine Readers

New Research Reveals Deep Engagement among Hispanic Magazine Readers

Study Shows Magazine Advertising Most Trusted by Hispanics and 85% of Hispanics Read Magazines


New York, NY–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 12, 2006–Hispanics have more trust in magazine information and advertising than any other media outlet including TV, according to new research that will be unveiled today to advertisers in New York. The study details the richness and strength of Hispanics’ emotional connection with magazines.

Working with Magazine Publishers of America (MPA), the Hispanic Magazine Coalition, a group of nine companies with interests in Hispanic magazines, will present the findings to advertisers in a seven-city road show beginning first in New York. The findings are based on 901 Hispanic telephone interviews with magazine and non-magazine readers conducted this summer by the market research company Synovate. The Synovate study is the first industry-supported look into consumer engagement with Hispanic magazines.

“We’ve undertaken this initiative to better understand the Hispanic magazine reader,” said Wayne Eadie, MPA Senior Vice President, Research. “Currently, Hispanic magazines get four percent of total media spending compared to 17 percent for the general market, which represents the gap in understanding the strong connection that magazines have with Hispanic consumers versus other media.”

“This study clearly establishes the viability of the Hispanic magazine market,” said Lou Lopez, Vice President, Synovate. “The research also demonstrates that Hispanic magazines are able to generate readership engagement levels on a par or exceeding general market magazines.”

According to Synovate research, 43% of Hispanics trust magazine advertising, while TV is trusted only by 38% and only 25% believe in Internet advertising. Similarly, 47% of Hispanic magazine readers trust the information reported in magazines, while only 37% deem Internet information to be credible. The research also shows that 85% of Hispanics read magazines, which is on par with the general market.

Hispanics appear to be less jaded by advertising than the general market. For example, Synovate found that 54% of Hispanics believe that magazine advertising provides them with something that they can’t find in other media such as TV, radio or the Internet, more so than the general market. Additionally, 73% of Hispanics say that magazine advertising gives them good ideas about what to buy.

Synovate’s research reveals that Hispanics value magazines for qualities that are similar to that in the market such as education and personal escape. However, Hispanics show a greater propensity to value magazines for social connection, aspiration and cultural relevance than the general market.

Following the September 12 New York presentation, the Hispanic Magazine Coalition will visit Chicago on September 13; Coral Gables, Florida for the Miami market, on September 14; Los Angeles on September 26, Torrance, California, on September 27; San Antonia, Texas, on September 28; and for the Detroit market, Birmingham, Michigan, on October 5. Members of the Hispanic Magazine Coalition include AARP Segunda Juventud, Hogar Latino LLC, Editorial Televisa, Latina, The National Association of Hispanic Publications, Meredith Hispanic Ventures, Muevelo, People en Español, and Selecciones.

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New Research Reveals Deep Engagement among Hispanic Magazine Readers