New Terra comScore Research: Digital Marketing is Essential in Building Brands with...

New Terra comScore Research: Digital Marketing is Essential in Building Brands with Hispanic Consumers

Hispanics Show Higher Interest in New Digital Experiences than Non-HispanicsDigital Divide: Is NOW A Thing of the Past


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MIAMI, Jan. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A new digital
marketing study conducted by comScore and commissioned by Terra reveals that
Hispanics are the ideal online consumers. The stunning results of the Terra
comScore Ad Value Research Study show a full spectrum of engagement by Hispanics
across multiple digital platforms including new data about how marketing
initiatives positively influence brand perception. It also shows how Hispanics
are in most instances more active in a wide variety of online activities and
more receptive to new technology than non-Hispanics. The research also
re-affirms that the Internet is the main media source of information for
Hispanics when researching information about any service or product and goes
even further by including an analysis of online engagement by category known as

Fernando Rodriguez, CEO of Terra said: “This
study breaks ground on several fronts with new information on the impact
Internet advertising has in building a brand in the Hispanic market. We are
excited to share the in-depth results with our clients in order to provide
insight as to how better reach the Hispanic consumer online.”

A key finding which represents a great
opportunity for marketers is that if spoken to and reached with culturally
relevant messaging in English and Spanish, Hispanics will react positively to
brands online more so than non-Hispanics. While non-Hispanics may tend to look
at interactive advertising as intrusive, Hispanics seem to be appreciative of
the brands that are trying to reach out to them.

For example, Hispanics are more responsive to
targeted ads with 37% saying they would likely respond to them vs. 30%
for non-Hispanics. 35% of Hispanics vs. 27% of non-Hispanics said
they are more open to advertising on sites where they read or contribute user
generated comments. 37% of Hispanics vs. 25% of non-Hispanics
enjoy the interactivity of online video ads, and the ability of obtaining
additional information which is unavailable through a traditional TV ad.
Furthermore, 36% of Hispanics vs. 24% non-Hispanics claim that
Internet advertising has motivated them to visit a retail establishment while 35%
of Hispanics vs. 25% of non-Hispanics are likely to attend movies based
on their online campaigns.

The study also shows Hispanics are more open and
willing to explore new technology presumably to stay up to speed with trends. In
addition, these initiatives are likely to enhance their perception of the brand
with 60% of Hispanics vs. 42% of non-Hispanics saying that they
react positively to I-Pad demonstrations, virtual shoppers, mobile coupons, live
streamings and others.

Hispanics are as engaged in social media as
non-Hispanics; however they are more receptive to receiving updates for offline
activities through mobile text alerts, Twitter feeds and Facebook. These include
shopping for large retail items, looking for entertainment information such as
movies, concerts, events and places to eat. They are also more likely to visit a
brand’s fan page and to follow Twitter updates from artists. Hispanics also show
a higher rate of participation than non-Hispanics in numerous social media

Use of Social Networks





Viewed a live stream



Posted ratings and reviews



Searched for a job



Purchased a product due to a



Sought out customer support for a



Sold a product through a social
networking posting



Found a new job



ABC – letters indicate that the reference group
is significantly higher than the group with the corresponding letter at 95%
confidence level.

With 30 million Hispanics online or 60%
of the population and a continued trend showing more use of the most advanced
features such as video and social media, the study shows that the digital divide
is now becoming a thing of the past as Hispanics are at the forefront of
embracing Internet and Technology.


A total of 2,300 surveys were completed between
September 13 through October 18, 2010. The nationally representative sample was
recruited from comScore’s online panel. All participants reside in the USA and
are aged 13+ years. The data were weighted to national online targets for age,
gender, household income, region of residence, and language preference (Hispanic
only). The margin of error (95% confidence level) for a sample of this size is
+/- 2.04 percentage points

About Terra:

Terra ( is a global digital media
company and bilingual content producer with a presence in 18 countries,
including the United States where it serves the growing Hispanic community.
Focusing on lifestyle, entertainment, sports and news, Terra creates an
interactive user experience for millions of U.S. Hispanics and provides
comprehensive solutions for advertisers seeking exposure among this key
demographic. In Latin America, Terra is the region’s leading Internet company,
with 70 million unique visitors per month.

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New Terra comScore Research: Digital Marketing is Essential in Building Brands with Hispanic Consumers