New Book, ‘Homes for Hispanics’, a turnkey solution for Latino Home Ownership

New Book, ‘Homes for Hispanics’, a turnkey solution for Latino Home Ownership

Hispanic author delivers a simple, straightforward guide to owning a piece of the American Dream


Austin, TX–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–July 23, 2007–With the Hispanic community’s unprecedented growth in both numbers and buying power (by 2010 Latinos will comprise 16% of the population and will possess a buying power of $1 Trillion) every industry is either paying close attention to or already openly chasing after the Latino market.

When it comes to high-ticket items, many are quite motivated on having Hispanics invest their hard earned money with their companies, but few are taking the right steps to inform and educate the Latino consumer on how to maximize their investment and prevent the most common pitfalls encountered during the buying process.

According to the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute, approximately 1.5 million Hispanic households will buy homes by 2010, but another 700,000 Latino families could become homeowners if the housing industry offered bilingual outreach, counseling and access to innovative mortgage products.

This is where author Daniel Marcos comes in. He has the strong belief that Latinos should be fully informed in order to take advantage of the opportunity ahead. His book, “<a href=""Hogares para Hispanos” (Homes for Hispanics) is a useful tool to help the reader be familiar with the entire home buying process.

Mr. Marcos explains that as more Hispanics are familiar with the home buying process and the industry’s terminology, the better informed decisions they will make, which will benefit them and their families for many years to come. It is through education, Marcos says, that Latinos as a group will be able to prosper beyond their wildest dreams.

From helping the readers understand why they are such a coveted segment of the population for the country’s financial institutions to explaining even the smallest detail persons must keep in mind during their new home’s purchase process, and everything in between, “<a href=""Hogares para Hispanos” (Homes for Hispanics) is the ultimate resource for every Latino first-time homebuyer.

Industry leaders have praised the book and its purpose:

“It is a fact that owning a home leads into a better quality of life. “Hogares para Hispanos” is an excellent and much needed resource for Latinos who are ready to be participants of the American Dream”.

Gary Acosta


National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals

“This book is an excellent guide for a community which deserves it.”

Robb Heering


Casa Latino Real Estate

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New Book, ‘Homes for Hispanics’, a turnkey solution for Latino Home Ownership