A New Research Methodology Offers Unprecedented Access to Hispanic and other Minority...

A New Research Methodology Offers Unprecedented Access to Hispanic and other Minority Consumers

Speaking their language in more ways than one


Hastings-on-Hudson, NY–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–February 13, 2007–Marketing to Americans is no longer a black and white issue – it’s tan, bronze, olive, and other hues that reflect our increasingly diverse population. Today, 30 percent of American consumers claim to be members of a minority group, and by 2050, that figure will reach almost 50 percent, according to U.S. Census Bureau projections, with over half coming from the Hispanic population. Yet, conventional market research hasn’t helped corporations understand how these new consumers think and behave.

ResearchPAYS, Inc. (http://www.researchpays.net), a boutique market research firm, announced today its new primary market-research solution, ResearchPAYS(TM), which is designed to help marketers learn what America’s new consumers want and how to reach them. Using both an understanding of minority cultures plus a patent-pending data collection technique to track consumer preferences, ResearchPAYS promises to deliver accurate, verifiable research on minority consumer markets to corporations and government agencies.

“Traditional research methods aren’t sufficient to get reliable and verifiable data in minority-based markets,” says Tom Kadala, President of ResearchPAYS, Inc. “Consumers are often leery of giving their opinions to strangers.” But ResearchPAYS has developed a proven, community-friendly methodology to build segmented consumer opinion panels that remove any potential cultural bias. “The ResearchPAYS solution gives our clients the opportunity to look through a virtual window and see what is going on inside their respective marketplaces,” explains James Huerta, CEO of ResearchPAYS, Inc.

TouchTone Technology Narrows the Cultural Divide

To avoid any potential bias, the ResearchPAYS solution does not rely on telephone/web-based surveys. Instead, surveys are delivered to a respondent’s home address, who use a proprietary touch-tone phone process to enter their responses. This user-friendly methodology allows survey results to be entered in the language of preference and tabulated in real time, so corporate clients can log onto a secured Web site to view the results at any time. Additionally, marketers can parse the data anyway they wish to isolate specific cohorts. “These verified consumer panel members are also an excellent source for on-site focus group research and one-on-one interviews,” explains Mr. Kadala, who invented the process in 1993 and has used it to serve companies ranging from Unilever, Consumer Reports, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and American Express to local governments nationwide.

Targeting the Hispanic Market First

ResearchPAYS, Inc. has begun a nation-wide initiative to collect market preference data from Hispanic communities in the top 10 metro markets for Fortune 1000 corporations. The effort is expected to render a working database of pre-qualified consumer panelists of Hispanic heritage. “Despite their common language, Spanish, Hispanic consumers comprise over 30 different cultures,” notes Dr. James Gould, who is the former Chairman of the Graduate Marketing Program at Pace University and a consultant to the ResearchPAYS’ management team. “Understanding who the firm’s customers are, what they want, and where they come from on a per metro market basis is crucial to the success of any marketing campaign.” ResearchPAYS also plans to develop panels of African Americans and Asian Americans in the future.

About ResearchPAYS, Inc.

ResearchPAYS, Inc. is a privately-held New York based firm that offers boutique primary consumer market research services to Fortune 1000 companies. Services include field data collection at special events, segmenting targeted consumer opinion panels for in-depth quantitative research, developing targeted focus groups for qualitative research, and coordinating one-on-one interviews. ResearchPAYS’ interprets client field data, provides recommendations, and offers hands-on guidance that turn ideas into action.

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A New Research Methodology Offers Unprecedented Access to Hispanic and other Minority Consumers