Unique Opportunity for 2006-2007

Unique Opportunity for 2006-2007

CyberNet College Corp and Englishnet College Granting up to $225,000 in scholarships to help Hispanic individuals learn the English language and be educated about us civics and history


Boynton Beach, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–August 9, 2006–EnglishNet College and its parent company, CyberNet College Corp., announced today they are granting up to $225,000 in scholarships, offering special English language courses which include civics and US history to Spanish speaking adults who cannot attend regular schools because of work or family responsibilities.

The online learning program provides a large variety of practical vocabularies, and enables students to learn regardless of time and place.

Educating students online for the past twelve years, CyberNet College Corp. is highly regarded for its expertise in online course delivery that satisfies training needs in areas such as: required weekly participation; concentrated study; Web-based research for the most current information on the subject; regular interaction with the professor and nationwide classmates in a small online classroom setting; and evaluation of knowledge acquisition.

The schools are well known for their synchronous style of study, enabling students in a variety of time zones to interact with professors and fellow students when convenient and also to allow them to log in at the same time using text and live-audio virtual classrooms. They offer a large number of courses for a variety of interests.

The corresponding support material is designed to also allow independent studies under close professional supervision.

The first segment of this unique “Basic English” course for the years 2006/2007 will start September 15, and end on December 15, 2006. The second segment will start January 15 and end on April 15, 2007. There will be a total of two, three-month course segments covering English 101, 102 and 103, including solid education on civics and history.

Last day for registration: Friday, September 8, 2006. Interested students may request further information and a registration form by emailing: englishcollege@cs.com.


About The Scholarship And CyberNet College Corp.

CyberNet College Corp. was established in 1994. Its main purpose is to promote education. In order to help up to 1,000 adult students deal with language issues in their daily activities and eventual permanent residence test, a grant is being provided to pay for half of the cost of a six month Basic English course. Students pay $225 each for the other half. This means they will be paying for 96 hours of class meetings and/or direct support from a designated teacher. All course support material is free of charge.

To inquire about this unique opportunity and to ask for a registration form, please write directly to the school secretary, Maria Teresa Salinas, at englishcollege@cs.com

Unique Opportunity for 2006-2007