National Organizations Unite to Increase Hispanic Community Awareness on Acetaminophen and Medicine...

National Organizations Unite to Increase Hispanic Community Awareness on Acetaminophen and Medicine Safety

Recent Research Shows Hispanic Community At Risk, New Spanish-language Resources Available


WASHINGTON, May 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Today, the National Alliance for Hispanic Health (the Alliance) announced a partnership with the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition to increase awareness among Spanish-speaking consumers on the importance of safe use of medicines that contain acetaminophen. Many Hispanic consumers are not aware of any health risks associated with taking too much acetaminophen and do not check to see if their medicines contain acetaminophen, a drug ingredient in more than 600 over-the-counter and prescription medicines, according to Community Panel Discussions recently conducted by the Alliance.

“We need to do a better job supporting Hispanic consumers in safe medicine use, including understanding their medicine labels and the drug ingredients they are taking in over-the-counter and prescription medicines,” said Dr. Jane L. Delgado, President and CEO of the National Alliance for Hispanic Health, the nation’s leading Hispanic health advocacy group.

Acetaminophen, one of the most commonly used drug ingredients in the U.S., is widely and effectively used in both prescription and over-the-counter medicines to reduce pain and fever. It is found in numerous pain relievers, fever reducers, cough, cold, and allergy medicines, as well as sleep aids. While safe and effective when used as directed or labeled, taking more than directed is an overdose and can lead to liver damage.

More than half of the panel discussion participants were unaware that unintentionally taking too much acetaminophen or taking acetaminophen with three or more alcoholic drinks could lead to serious consequences, including liver damage.

“The Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition is dedicated to educating all consumers about acetaminophen safety. The Alliance’s research tells us there is a need in the Hispanic community for culturally and linguistically relevant resources and tools to help make safe medicine decisions when using acetaminophen,” said Emily Skor, Vice President of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association Educational Foundation, a member of the Coalition. “We are thrilled to partner with the Alliance to develop and disseminate Spanish-language educational tools on the safe use of medicines.”

Acetaminophen awareness education will include:

– More than 50,000 Spanish-language brochures distributed to more than 250 organizations that serve Hispanics in communities nationwide;

– Distribution of free brochures at the Alliance’s “Get Up and Get Moving” health fairs across the country; and

– Promotion of acetaminophen safe use to more than 10,000 members of the Alliance’s Buena Salud Club® through online, mobile, and social media platforms.

As part of this effort, now features new sections in Spanish. It includes an interactive medicine label reader, answers to frequently asked questions about acetaminophen, and a cartoon encouraging medicine safety.

“Through the Coalition’s Know Your Dose Campaign, Hispanic consumers will have resources to learn more about the safe use of acetaminophen. Consumers can also call our toll-free Su Familia Helpline at 1-866-783-2645 to get answers to their questions about acetaminophen and its use and referrals to health resources in their communities,” said Dr. Delgado.

Healthcare providers can order free Spanish- and English-language educational materials for patients from the Coalition’s website at

About the National Alliance for Hispanic Health

The Alliance is the nation’s foremost science-based source of information and trusted advocate for the health of Hispanics in the United States. The Alliance represents thousands of Hispanic health providers across the nation providing services to more than 15 million each year, making a daily difference in the lives of Hispanic communities and families. For more information, visit or call the Alliance’s Su Familia National Hispanic Family Health Helpline at 1-866-783-2645. Find the Alliance on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter @health4americas.

About the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition

The Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition is a diverse group of leading health, healthcare provider, and consumer organizations. The Coalition launched the Know Your Dose Campaign to educate consumers on the safe use of medicines that contain acetaminophen. Through outreach to healthcare providers, patients, and consumers, the campaign works to ensure that acetaminophen is used only as directed or labeled. Follow Know Your Dose on Twitter @KnowYourDose.

SOURCE Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition; National Alliance for Hispanic Health

National Organizations Unite to Increase Hispanic Community Awareness on Acetaminophen and Medicine Safety