Non-Profits Have the Edge on Reaching the Community

Non-Profits Have the Edge on Reaching the Community

‘Lideres’ Hispanic Program Provides Leadership Skills Training


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–The growth of the Hispanic population in the United States is not only an opportunity for businesses and marketers alike, but it puts Hispanics in the advantageous position of wielding influence in the U.S. more so than ever before. One area that can benefit from the collective voices of Hispanics is the non-profit sector where the work of dedicated individuals can impart real improvements to the growing communities and causes they serve.

Building leaders and making our community strong

It takes more than passion and a desire to help for non-profits to succeed. Even the most well-intentioned organizations and leaders cannot adequately make a mark without the right resources, which is why Coors Brewing Company has created the Coors Líderes Program — a two-phase initiative.

The first phase of the program showcased Hispanic leaders from throughout the United States and highlighted the importance of leadership, biculturalism and bilingualism in the greater Hispanic community. The second phase is the recently launched Coors Líderes Training Workshop — a unique leadership development program being offered to Hispanic non-profits and partner organizations in five cities across the country. Additionally, the second phase will highlight even more influential Hispanic leaders.

An important part of the program is the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment tool developed by The Gallup Organization that identifies each individual’s talents. Based on each participant’s StrengthsFinder evaluation, a four-hour personalized training program is developed.

“Across the country, Hispanic leaders are using the workshop to gain additional knowledge on unique business development strategies, leadership tools, and networking,” says Rafael Fantauzzi, Hispanic Corporate Relations Director for Coors Brewing Company. “The Líderes campaign is an exceptional opportunity for Coors to facilitate capacity-building for our partnering Hispanic non-profits.”

Building partners and partnerships

In addition to talent identification and training, here are some other suggested ways to further non-profit initiatives:

• The human element: Transform paper relationships into actual ones by attending events and meeting personally with individuals with whom you are doing business or soliciting for financial support. Networking also puts you in touch with people you may not have set out to meet, but did anyway.

• Fundraising is important: With so many groups competing for funds and with corporations changing the way they give, you must ensure your budget and fundraising program are thought through so you are working proactively and not reactively.

• Believe in your cause but be business-minded: Non-profit groups that are staffed and run by people who have a real belief or stake in their cause and who have a good head for business and promotion are among the most successful. That is why it is best to pepper your organization with employees whose strengths target all areas of the operation.

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Non-Profits Have the Edge on Reaching the Community