Another Victory over Extinction

Another Victory over Extinction

The Vallarta Zoo is celebrating once again after a wave of births that included two new black jaguars, an endangered species


Puerto Vallarta, México–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–August 23, 2007–Last Aug. 2, the zoo’s personnel rejoiced when Marisol gave birth to two gorgeous kittens, a majestic male and a beautiful female, both of them black like their parents. They immediately won over the hearts of zoo employees.

Three days later, Julieta, a lively monkey, delivered a healthy and curious capuchin monkey.

And to keep up with them, on Aug. 6, another happy mother, the tigress Toña, also gave birth to two beautiful and playful Bengals, which wasted no time to snuggle up to their mother and feed.

Three weeks ago, visitors were excited to see a female white-tailed deer, (also an endangered species), deliver two adorable fawns at the zoo.

In addition, several Vietnamese potbellied pigs become first-time mothers around the same time, a joyful and moving event for zoo-goers.

In all, so far this year, 14 felines have been born at the zoo — including albino and stripped Bengal tigers, African lions and jaguars — plus eight Caribbean flamingos, which brings the total number of births to 64.

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Another Victory over Extinction