National day encourages women to take time for their own health care, reduce stress and improve heart health "Me Time Day" supporters include WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT, Oprah Winfrey, Susan Sarandon and Vanessa Williams


CYPRESS, Calif.–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–March 28, 2003–Committed to providing products and services tailored to meet the unique health care needs of women through its Women’s Health Solutions division, PacifiCare Health Systems Inc. (Nasdaq:PHSY), is actively participating in “Me Time Day” March 28.

“Me Time Day” is a national day dedicated to building awareness among women about the importance of focusing on their personal health and well being, especially during these stressful times.

“Me Time Day” is a pro-social initiative developed by WE:

WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT, which partnered with LLuminari, an organization of doctors and other health care professionals that advances knowledge and discussion of health for women and those they care for.

PacifiCare joins a distinguished group of “Me Time Day” supporters including Oprah Winfrey, Academy Award(R)-winning actress Susan Sarandon and Multi-Platinum recording artist Vanessa Williams. Sarandon and Williams have appeared in several public service announcements airing throughout March on WE.

WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT, a service of AMC Networks, is a television network that features the largest collection of women’s interest films, inspiring original series and topical specials. The network is currently available in more than 50 million homes. LLuminari helps educate women about health care through its roster of nationally recognized physicians, researchers and women’s health advocates, including Dr. Susan Love, who is also a member of PacifiCare’s Women’s Health Solutions Advisory Board.

“Women need to take an active role in taking care of their health, and ‘Me Time Day’ is one way women can make that commitment,” said Wendy Kuran, vice president of PacifiCare’s Women’s Health Solutions. “Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women — and reducing stress may help reduce the risk of heart disease.

“We share the commitment of WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT and LLuminari to enhance the health care experience for women and to empower women to play a more active role in their health care,” Kuran added. “In fact, we feel so strongly about ‘Me Time Day’ that we have planned a whole day’s worth of health-related activities for our employees.”

PacifiCare is encouraging its members to make time today for their health by distributing copies of “Woman-to-Woman: Insider Advice from the Women of PacifiCare,” a guide offering tips from female PacifiCare employees on how to benefit the most from the health-care system. PacifiCare is also offering coupons for digital pedometers as a way to encourage members to start a regular exercise regimen.

Additionally, PacifiCare is sponsoring special health-related activities for its employees throughout the day, including a fitness walk led by Howard Phanstiel, PacifiCare’s president and chief executive officer. This coincides with the American Heart Association’s recommendation to do 30 minutes of exercise per day, five days a week.

“PacifiCare’s participation in ‘Me Time Day,’ reflects our theme that caring is good, doing something is better,” said Phanstiel. “We are demonstrating that a health plan can help make a difference in women’s lives and that PacifiCare is a company that cares about women.”

PacifiCare is also sponsoring a health care exhibit throughout its campus. Employees can visit exhibit booths offering information about different aspects of health care, such as managing chronic diseases and screening for body fat, one of the measures that assists in assessing a person’s risk for heart attack or stroke. Finally, employees can receive free massages and enter to win a free spa treatment as a reminder to take time for themselves.

“Research shows that women make about 80 percent of health care decisions for their families, but sometimes overlook their own health,” said Cheryl Tanigawa, M.D., PacifiCare’s vice president of Health Services. “But women are at a higher risk for chronic diseases, like diabetes and heart disease.

“They are also three times as likely to suffer migraines than men, and two to three times as likely to suffer from depression. ‘Me Time Day’ is a tremendous opportunity for all women, not just members of PacifiCare, to make their own health care a priority and take some time out for themselves to tune in to their own specific health care needs. It can be as simple as taking a walk around the block or scheduling an annual health exam.”

About Women’s Health Solutions

PacifiCare developed Women’s Health Solutions to help improve the health and health care experience of women, who represent the majority of health care decision-makers and consumers. Women’s Health Solutions provides resources for individualized care, timely information, convenience, specific health and wellness programs, access to OB/GYNs and pediatricians, and expanded features beyond traditional benefits.

Women’s Health Solutions also offers the QUALITY INDEX(R) for Women, a report card that measures the clinical and service performance of individual medical groups and addresses gaps in care between male and female members by evaluating factors important to women’s health. The 24-Hour Health Information Program, an interactive phone- and Web-enabled service, provides PacifiCare members free, real-time health care information on a variety of health topics. Various health-improvement programs help women manage specific conditions such as pregnancy, menopause, diabetes, heart disease and depression, and also include assistance in smoking cessation.

More information about PacifiCare’s Women’s Health Solutions is available online at

About PacifiCare Health Systems

PacifiCare Health Systems serves more than 3 million health plan members and approximately 9 million specialty plan members nationwide, and has annual revenues of more than $11 billion. PacifiCare is celebrating its 25th anniversary as one of the nation’s largest consumer health organizations, offering individuals, employers and Medicare beneficiaries a variety of consumer-driven health care and insurance products.

Specialty operations include behavioral health, dental and vision, life insurance, and complete pharmacy and medical management through its wholly owned subsidiary, Prescription Solutions. More information on PacifiCare Health Systems is available at



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