Paparazzi TV is Mega TV’s Number One Show

Paparazzi TV is Mega TV’s Number One Show

WSBS-Mega TV announced today that Paparazzi TV is the number one show on Mega TV Channel 22


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–July 31, 2006–Since its launch, Paparazzi TV has clicked with Mega TV viewers as entertainment journalist, Graciela Mori, and other celebrity news investigators including Frank Cairo, Fernando Castells, Lourdes Ruiz Toledo and Wilson Nuñez go beyond the headlines to find and expose true stories about entertainers, singers, actors, and celebrities in Spanish language television.

A key to Paparazzi TV’s success has been its daily “Paparazzi from Cuba” segment, which attempts to channel truthful information from the island.

“Being able to bring information out of Cuba is extremely difficult,” says Fernando Castells. “People are literally risking their lives to be able to inform, produce and document stories happening on the island.”

Frank Cairo, host and executive producer added, “We get material from sources who have been in Cuba and want to share details with us. We get information via satellite, from the Internet, and even in through the mail.”

However, Paparazzi TV hosts make very clear that they are not in the business of hurting people, but are focused on providing professional journalism.

“We have tons of great new entertainment stories. Our new fall season promises to be full of surprises, news and top notch investigations.” says Graciela Mori.

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Paparazzi TV is Mega TV’s Number One Show