Parents Step Ahead, Inc. Announces Its Nonprofit Corporation Status

Parents Step Ahead, Inc. Announces Its Nonprofit Corporation Status

Educational community outreach program reaches milestone with nonprofit designation


DALLAS, May 22 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Three years after launching the Parents Step Ahead educational program, El Hispano News is proud to announce the formation and incorporation of a nonprofit corporation, Parents Step Ahead, Inc. The mission of the program is to recognize, educate, enable and empower parents to take a proactive role in the educational and personal development of their children.

In 2005, after serving the community for nearly two decades, El Hispano News, the oldest Spanish language newspaper in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, initiated talks with the Dallas Independent School District to provide a forum to encourage and motivate parents to be involved in the education of their children.

“As the publisher of a community newspaper, I had the opportunity to see first hand the many challenges that our minority communities experience. It is sad to report on alarming statistics from high school drop outs, gang violence, drug abuse, digital illiteracy and teen pregnancy, only to mention a few, that continues to plague minority and underprivileged communities. Therefore, in order to commemorate El Hispano News’ 20th anniversary we launched Parents Step Ahead as an initiative to counter these issues and to empower not only our readers, but also parents from all communities,” said Lupita Colmenero, founder of Parents Step Ahead and associate publisher of El Hispano News.

By the fall of 2006 the first Parents Step Ahead event was hosted at J.W. Runyon Elementary School in Dallas where more than 400 parents attended. In only two years the program has expanded to include events at schools in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland and Irving school districts.

The program consists of half day school events offering educational seminars for parents to become more involved in the life of their children. Each event also includes free breakfast, child care and gift raffles with the event culminating in the raffle of computers and printers donated by Wal-Mart, Inc. The year long program concludes in December with an award ceremony gala recognizing the Parents Step Ahead Parents of the Year. The award winners are selected based on program participation and the submission of two essays; one by the parent on the importance of parental involvement in a child’s life and the second essay by their child on why their parent or legal guardian should be the Parent of the Year. The essays are evaluated by a selection committee comprised of local and national community and corporate leaders.

“Becoming a nonprofit organization is actually the next logical step that will allow us to expand our initiative and intensify our efforts,” said Marcos Suarez, associate publisher of El Hispano News.

“This is truly quite a milestone for us because as a certified nonprofit organization we will be able to reach out to even more school districts beyond the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and eventually realize our vision of becoming a national program and implement much more needed services for parents,” said Colmenero.

“The opportunity to assist this great initiative, Parents Step Ahead, is professionally and personally fulfilling because parents, children and whole families, for many generations, will be benefited from an educational and personal development standpoint”, said Hector Delgado, of the law firm Bickerstaff Heath Delgado Acosta, LLP that formed the nonprofit corporation on a pro bono basis.”

Every parent wants their child to go to school and to be successful in life, but not every parent knows how to accomplish this goal. It is not only up to the system, educators or to the government to end school drop outs, gangs, drugs and all the other issues that are plaguing our kids, and for that we need to empower parents”, concluded Lupita Colmenero. Past and present sponsors have included: Wal-Mart, Inc, ETS, American Airlines, American Eagle, SmartEdge by GMAC, GM, AT&T, Latina Style, McDonald’s, Frito-Lay, Pepsi, Girl Scouts and Nationwide.

The 2008 program schedule is as follows:

Winter 2008

— Irving Independent School District

Spring 2008

— Dallas Independent School District

— Garland Independent School District

Fall 2008

— Fort Worth Independent School District

— Irving Independent School District

— Dallas Independent School District

— Parent of the Year Award Ceremony

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Parents Step Ahead, Inc. Announces Its Nonprofit Corporation Status