PEOPLE en Espanol Reveals the Truth Behind Myrka Dellanos’ Marital Troubles

PEOPLE en Espanol Reveals the Truth Behind Myrka Dellanos’ Marital Troubles

An In-Depth Look at What Caused the Couple's Feud, the 911 Call, and Where the Relationship is Headed


NEW YORK, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The November issue of PEOPLE en Espanol takes an in depth look at the marriage troubles between Cuban-American journalist Myrka Dellanos and her husband of only six months, Ulysses Alonzo. Friends and sources close to the couple speak exclusively with PEOPLE en Espanol detailing what really lead to Dellanos’ frantic 911 call and the battery charges against Alonzo.

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According to sources close to the couple, problems began shortly after Alonzo moved into his new wife’s home, which she shared with her 75 year old mother, Myrka Aparicio, and 14 year old daughter Alexa. “Ulysses would walk the dog, cut the grass, and his mother-in-law would demand of him to pick up and drop off Alexa like a chauffeur as if he didn’t have a job,” says a close friend of Alonzo, adding that he also complained about how his wife treated him more like an assistant than her husband. According to that same source, Alonzo also talked of an aloof Dellanos who didn’t allow him to hug and kiss her as much he would have liked to, and once told him he “needed to learn when it was appropriate to get close to her.”

But what upset Alonzo the most, according to a friend, was a comment Dellanos made a week before the dispute. “The only yacht I would get on is Luis Miguel’s,” says the source was Dellanos’ response when Alonzo proposed renting jet-skis to take her and his stepdaughter Alexa cruising down the Miami bay. Luis Miguel and Dellanos dated for a few years before the relationship ended bitterly.

The way the story unfolded changes depending on the sources. Dellanos’ version was included in the official police report from that day, while friends of Alonzo say the alleged burst of aggression occurred when he approached his wife to discuss the problems they were having and she refused. “Ulysses is young, he is in love, more than she is. He is ready to take full responsibility, anything to be by her side. He told me: ‘I don’t want to hurt her, I would rather inflict the pain on myself,'” said a source.

PEOPLE en Espanol also spoke with Cassandra Alonzo, Ulysses Alonzo’s sister, who says the police report her sister-in-law gave the day of the incident was an exaggeration and overused by the press erroneously. “It’s repulsive what they have done to him, everything that has been said on television and the radio.”

Dellanos wasn’t exempt from the media bashing either. She’s been accused of making up the whole story up for personal publicity. According to friends, Alonzo is currently renting a small apartment close to the Dellanos home and is attending marriage therapy sessions as well as other courses required by the court. “Marriage is difficult, I know that,” said the twice divorced Dellanos to PEOPLE en Espanol back in May. “But you have to work hard and make yourself priority.” (Cover Story, Pg. 96)

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PEOPLE en Espanol Reveals the Truth Behind Myrka Dellanos’ Marital Troubles