Let’s Stop the Abuse of Telmex-Telcel

Let’s Stop the Abuse of Telmex-Telcel

-- To lower the rates, 9 pending interconnection proceedings with COFETEL must be resolved-- Telmex-Telcel repeatedly violate their concessions: there are currently 17 sanction proceedings against them at the SCT-- Consumers are experiencing high costs and deficient services due to Telmex-Telcel continued disregard of the law


MEXICO CITY, Mexico, March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The following release is being issued today by Grupo Marcatel — Previous Secretaries of Communications and Transports were forced to give in to Telmex-Telcel. The COFETEL recommended initiating 17 sanction proceedings against the monopoly – just in the past four years – but they did nothing to comply with the law.

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These sanctions would implicate the revocation of the concessions title of Telmex-Telcel.

The inapplicability of the law affects all operators in the telecommunications industry, because they are denied equal playing ground in order to perform competitively. This fact also affects you, the user, because the situation allows Telmex-Telcel to charge higher fees in the telephony services.

Look through your phone bills. If the connection fees were reduced, you would be enjoying significant savings on your phone bills.

In order to stop the abuse, we will be making our case with the Commission of Federal Competency this week.

How much more impunity and high rates must consumers put up with?

SIGNING COMPANIES: (alphabetical)





-Cablevision de Apatzingan

-Cablevision de Jiquilpan


-Grupo Matsa




-Nextel de Mexico




-Telecable de el Grullo

-Telecable de Tierra Caliente

-Television de Teocaltiche

-Television Internacional (TVI)

-Total Play

-Tv Cable Central Mexicano

-Tv Uruapan



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Let’s Stop the Abuse of Telmex-Telcel