Online Tax Return Preparation and Filing – in Spanish

Online Tax Return Preparation and Filing – in Spanish


Milpitas, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–January 10, 2007–Since the introduction of the Spanish online tax software in January 2006, eSmartTax has seen a steady and increasing interest among Latino taxpayers. Thousands have registered on the Spanish page and used eSmartTax through the 2006 tax- filing season.

But the IRS has bigger goals. It has partnered with providers like eSmartTax to get more Spanish speaking residents filing online. This year, eSmartTax is once again offering customized discount or free services and is working with community-based organizations, the Hispanic chamber and Latino legislators to get the word out. According to US Census data, almost 42 million (14.5%) of the US population is of Hispanic origin and the number is growing faster than all other groups. One third of that group is monolingual Spanish speaking.

eSmartTax provides an easy and convenient tool to help Spanish-speaking taxpayers prepare and file their tax returns electronically. And it supports the significant efforts of the IRS, California and other state tax agencies to serve this specific population. Electronic filing of tax returns is quick, accurate and convenient for the taxpayer while it reduces errors and processing costs significantly for the government.

Using the website link to access eSmartTax Spanish online, taxpayers meeting certain income criteria can prepare and e-File their Federal tax returns completely free.

With a simple click, taxpayers can switch between English and Spanish to prepare and file their Federal and State income tax returns online. eSmartTax Online is unique because it follows a logical, form based preparation process. Instead of answering hundreds, sometimes ambiguous questions, taxpayers work with only the forms they need, while eSmartTax provides line by line instructions and performs all necessary tax computations. Our goal is to reach more Spanish speaking taxpayers that can benefit from the convenience and simplicity of our service.

For 2007, eSmartTax will continue to offer the same easy, quick and cost effective online tax return preparation and filing service, both in English and Spanish. eSmartTax is a member of the 4 year old Free File Alliance providing services to hundreds of thousands of low income and under-served taxpayers.

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Online Tax Return Preparation and Filing – in Spanish