Prepare for Takeoff as The Red Bull Flügtag Miami Approaches Departure Date

Prepare for Takeoff as The Red Bull Flügtag Miami Approaches Departure Date

Twenty-Seven Teams Chosen to Build Human-Powered Flying Machines


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–October 27, 2003–Travel arrangements are made and the bags are being packed as the flight crews begin navigating their way toward Red Bull Flügtag Miami 2003! From Icarus of Greek mythology to the Carolina’s Wrights Brothers, dreams of flight are scattered throughout mankind’s history. Now the next batch of dreamers, inventors and charlatans will take their crack at pushing the dream to a whole new level on November 1, 2003, as they prepare to launch off a flight deck located in the middle of the deep blue sea off of South Beach in Miami, Florida.

Red Bull Flügtag, which means flying day in German, has been produced in over 20 countries and offers an experience like no other. Appealing to everyone with a sense of adventure- and above all, a sense of humor – this event is a contest in which voluntary participants construct human-powered flying machines that will be piloted, dragged, and pushed off a floating barge into the Atlantic Ocean.

A Flying Empanada, a Cow Giving Birth and The Popemobile?

After spending weeks building their creations, twenty-seven teams will gather at Miami Beach to plunge… um, we mean fly into the Atlantic Ocean. The chosen planes represent the international flavor that Miami Beach espouses; while the locals are well represented, some teams are from as far away as Chicago, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and even London!

The creativity and imagination of these teams is unparalleled as they include: a Flying Sun-Chaiser, Snowflake (flying dolphin), the Empanada Glider, Vatican Air, and even a Bonzai Penguin. Each with only one thing on their mind… did they remember to pack their toothbrush???

It’s Never Too Late to Upgrade

Even a contest as outrageous as Red Bull Flügtag needs a few rules and regulations. Each flying machine must be human powered (engines are not allowed), less than 30 feet wide, and not more than 450 pounds, including the pilot. The twenty-seven aircraft with their pilot and crew will be judged on distance, creativity and showmanship. While the flights have never been record-breaking, they’ve always been crowd-pleasing.

The grand prize is a pilot’s training course ($7,500 value), to teach the winning pilot how to fly a real plane. Second prize is paragliding lessons ($3,000 value) and third prize is skydiving lessons ($1,500), or the cash equivalent for the weary. The most creative plane will be awarded to inspire the artist within each team

First flight is at 1:03 p.m., so come early to stake your claim to the best viewing spots. Event is free to the public. For more event information, previous event footage or an opportunity to get to know the Flügtag participants, please visit http://www.redbullFlü or contact Jessica Mandoki at (310) 460-5346.



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Prepare for Takeoff as The Red Bull Flügtag Miami Approaches Departure Date