Traditional Family Favorites Made Easy and Nutritious

Traditional Family Favorites Made Easy and Nutritious

The National Pork Board offers new 'The Colors of Mole' recipe booklet


Des Moines, IA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 13, 2007–When most people think of mole, they think of a labor-laden, complex dish prepared exclusively for special holidays such as Christmas or Mother’s Day. Mole doesn’t have to be relegated to holiday time and family get-togethers. The National Pork Board’s new recipe booklet offers a rainbow of healthy, easy-to-prepare and traditional mole recipes that can be prepared for quick meals during the week or for those special occasions.

The booklet includes recipes created by nationally acclaimed Chef Gustavo Chávez, “el chile mayor,” that are easy-to-prepare, healthy variations of traditional moles served in different regions of Mexico. “Pork has been at the heart of the most traditional Mexican-American dishes,” said Chávez. “With these recipes, even the most novice cooks can experiment making different types of moles in a simple manner, something that few people believe can be done.”

Moles have long been served with pork. Today’s pork cuts are leaner and more nutritious than ever. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in just the last 15 years, six common cuts of pork have become 16 percent leaner, and a three ounce serving of pork tenderloin has the same amount of fat as an equal serving of skinless boneless chicken breast(1).

In addition to the great taste Latinos have grown to love, pork packs a significant amount of nutrients in each lean portion. Not only is a 3-ounce serving of pork tenderloin an “excellent” source of protein, thiamin, vitamin B6, phosphorus, and niacin and a “good” source of riboflavin, potassium and zinc, but it also contributes a mere 6 percent of the calories to a 2,000-calorie diet.

The next time you have a craving for mole, think pork – it’s an easy meal solution that delivers great taste packed with nutrients and protein. “I can’t think of anything better than eating healthy traditional dishes, without sacrificing flavor or time,” said Chávez.

For detailed nutritional information, access to a wide variety of traditional and eclectic recipes or to request a free recipe booklet, The Colors of Mole, visit the National Pork Board’s Spanish-language web site at

About the National Pork Board

The National Pork Board is a non-profit commodity organization based in Des Moines, Iowa, that represents the producers of U.S. Pork. The National Pork Board provides information on preparing and enjoying U.S. Pork to a variety of audiences, including consumers.

Chef Gustavo Chávez AKA El Chile Mayor

Despite his young age, “el chile mayor” has nearly 20 years of professional experience in the kitchen. While others create culinary fusions of ethnic cuisines, Gustavo’s approach is to simply celebrate Mexico’s vast culinary heritage. His cooking is a reflection of his homeland. Born in Michoacan, Mexico, he learned by watching his parents prepare delicious, home-cooked meals for their 11 children. That nostalgia translates into authenticity when he creates culinary delights reminiscent of his ancestors’ kitchens. It is that same authenticity that has earned him the recognition, admiration and gratitude of his many television followers, all of whom share with him the same yearning for the sights, smells and comforts of their distant homeland.

(1) Williams JR, Howe J, Trainer D, Snyder C, Boillot K, Lofgren P, Buege D, Douglass L, Holden JM. Nutritional changes in fresh pork cuts between 1991-2005. Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting & Food Expo, June 26, 2006.

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Traditional Family Favorites Made Easy and Nutritious