Introducing the new

Introducing the new


NEW YORK, Feb. 11 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Portada, the Leading Source about Latin Marketing and Media, launched new online media properties to improve the delivery of the best content available about the Hispanic Advertising, Media and Content Markets. This is the first of several online media upgrades Portada plans for 2010.

“It is important to us to deliver quality content via our different platforms (online, print, conferences and databases), because that is what our highly qualified and growing audience of more than 75,000, professionals, 2009 CVC audit, asks for and deserves,” says Marcos Baer, publisher of Portada.

The week at

On a daily basis, Portada’s audience will get breaking news and commentary. In addition, the following regular features will be offered each week:


Sales Leads: New leads and intelligence about activity of Ad Agencies and National Advertisers. Market intelligence to help agencies and media executives reach clients.

Changing Places: Personnel changes. What positions are changing, which new ones are being created?

Weekly Poll: (Starting in April)


Best Practices Marketing to Hispanics. Read how and why top marketers reach the Hispanic consumer. The latest trends and qualitative and quantitative insights in traditional and below the line marketing.

Buyer/Interview (alternating). An interview with an important Marketer or Buyer at an Agency/Media Placement firm.

Portada Quick Bits: A review of interesting and/or important content from around the web and what we have to say about them.


Analysis: An important topic facing the Hispanic advertising and media industry and what it means for marketers targeting Hispanics.

Podcast: (Alternating with Analysis) Portada’s Interview with a leading player who sets and/or spots trends in our dynamic industry (starting in April).


Research: New research and case studies on how to reach Hispanic consumers, market intelligence, advertiser rankings, media rankings and more.

The Latin Interactive World: Digital technologies are making the

Spanish-speaking world (U.S., Latin America, and Spain) smaller. An in-depth look at how marketers are using the digital medium nationally and internationally to attract Spanish-speakers worldwide.


Sounding Off Column: A platform for industry experts to explain certain trends and innovations and their value to the marketplace.

If you are interested in reading about the Latin American Advertising and Media, please go to this website:

If you are interested in reading news and analysis in Spanish about the Spanish-speaking world, please go to this website:

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Introducing the new