Springtime: A Season for Fashion and Beauty

Springtime: A Season for Fashion and Beauty


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–Without a doubt, each season marks the passage of time and affects many different aspects of our lives. Though each time of year has its own unique splendor, springtime is the favorite by far, as it represents a rebirth, a new beginning and a new life.

At the first sign of spring, we begin to organize our closets, redecorate our homes and plant new flowers in our gardens. And it doesn’t stop here; we Latin women must have a new spring wardrobe so we can look brand new, too. Marshalls is well aware of this fact and thus has declared spring ‘A Season for Beauty and Fashion’.

After having to hide our figures under unflattering layers and layers of clothing all winter long, at last the time has come to let loose, feel sexy and fabulous. “Prepare for some vibrant colors”, said Marcie Pérez, a style expert at Marshalls. “Vivid tropical colors and thousands of elegant details, from brocades to tie-dyes are the latest trends this season. It will make us all look beautiful and dazzling.”

A fashion designer may determine what’s “in” each season, but we are the ones who determine what looks good on us through our own sense of style. We know what we like and what feels comfortable. Clothes do not need to have a huge price tag to be fashionable, we only need to pick what goes with our tastes and styles.

Marshalls has traveled far and wide in search of the latest runway trends for the Hispanic woman. It has hit upon everything from tribal gear to elegant metallics-and it’s brought them all in reach of our budgets.

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends has never been an easy task. Here are the latest looks that are sure to make your outfits the center of attention:

— Skirts, skirts, skirts. Flirty, cheery skirts are popping up everywhere this season. Pair them up with everything from casual sandals and tees to fabulous pumps and detailed tops.

— Wedge heels. Wedge heels are back to dress up your jeans and skirts. More comfortable than the thin needle-sized heel and more modern than the sandals, the wedge heel is a must this season and the perfect complement to a true diva’s wardrobe

— Ethnic styles. Show-off your heritage and cultural awareness with spectacular ethnic prints on flirty skirts and fancy tops.

— Bohemian elegance. A hot urban trend this season consists of combining a spaghetti-strap tank with any-length Bermuda shorts. The perfect accessory? A straw hat.

— Gold. Careful to avoid the extreme gold lame styles that are so 80s. This season’s trends include shiny skirts paired with gold lame belts and metallic sandals.

Dazzle everyone this spring with your new wardrobe, as ideas and fashion have no limits. This spring you be the star, with a radiant look and the world at your feet. Keep it up and you will look and feel beautiful all year round. And remember. summer is right around the corner.

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Springtime: A Season for Fashion and Beauty