‘Zona Cero’ Covers Plight of Ten Cubans Jailed In Mexican Prison

‘Zona Cero’ Covers Plight of Ten Cubans Jailed In Mexican Prison

Host Javier Ceriani provides leading coverage of their campaign to be legally welcomed into Mexico through law of political protection


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–December 5, 2007–Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) (NASDAQ: SBSA) and WCMQ -Clásica 92.3 FM announced today that on Monday, December 3, the popular DJ Javier Ceriani began dedicating his show, “Zona Cero,” to the story of ten Cubans being held in a Mexican jail as they await legal entry into Mexico via the Law of Political Protection. Clásica 92.3 FM will take an exclusive look into their tragic situation and the hunger strike they recently began in hopes of securing fair treatment and justice.

Yesterday, “Zona Cero” told the story of Armando Piñero, the leader of these ten Cubans who are now fearful of being deported back to Cuba. The hunger strike began more than 12 days ago after the prisoners, who arrived in Mexico as illegal immigrants, learned that they would not be granted acceptance under the Law of Political Protection. Their efforts were bolstered by a message of support from Ceriani after he reached out to them on December 3.

Adding to the drama, are claims made by Piñero that he and his compatriots are lacking the basic necessities to survive on a day to day basis in the Mexican prison, Chetumal Quintana Roo.

During his broadcast this morning, Javier Ceriani reached out to multiple groups of lawyers and authorities from Cuba and Mexico to seek help for these men. Amidst it all, there came a particularly heartfelt moment when Yeney Piñero, the daughter of Armando Piñero, went on the air and made one last desperate plea to her father to end the strike.

Ceriani was not the only media personality covering this story, as famous music producer Emilio Estefan Jr., journalist María Elvira Salazar, Jorge Mas Jr. from the Cuban National American Foundation (FNCA), and Agenda Cuba’s very own Tomas Rodríguez, all came out to show their support.

Ceriani’s is also attempting to formally request clemency to the Mexican Consulate with the sole purpose of demonstrating to the public the delicate situation that Armando Piñero and his friends have as they seek political asylum.

Ceriani also presented the case of Alexander Pedraza Martinez, a Cuban prisoner who, is hoping to be legally welcomed into Mexico. Martinez is a doctor being held in Chiapas’s Tapachula Prison, but he made contact with his family and friends this morning in what was a tearful and emotional affair for everyone.

If you wish to show your support, please visit http://clasica92fm.lamusica.com and join the cause of liberation for the detained Cubans.

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‘Zona Cero’ Covers Plight of Ten Cubans Jailed In Mexican Prison