Quepasa Surpasses One Million Member Mark

Quepasa Surpasses One Million Member Mark

Hispanic Multicultural Site Quintuples Membership in One Year


Scottsdale, AZ–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–March 28, 2007–Quepasa, owned by Quepasa Corporation (Nasdaq: QPSA), reached an important milestone this week as the number of registered members in its Hispanic Internet social community grew beyond one million. With a new look, expanded channels, and strong domestic and international reach, Quepasa has quickly become a hot, Internet-destination-of-choice for bicultural Hispanics.

“We are encouraged by our membership growth and the increased amount of time that visitors spend on the Quepasa site,” said Robert B. Stearns, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Quepasa Corporation. “Growing our traffic is precisely at the heart of attracting more advertisers to our site.”

The Quepasa website provides visitors with entertaining, enriching and empowering content, including entertainment, sports, health and fitness, fashion and breaking news, as well as an active social network and Latin America TV channel video streaming. The site’s appeal derives from its rich bicultural environment, where members connect with others who share the same passions and interests that are uniquely Hispanic.

Quepasa is one of the largest and fastest growing Internet communities for bicultural Hispanics. The site is delivered in English and Spanish versions. It debuted its new look and enriched user experience a year ago, and since then has seen its membership grow by more than five times. Quepasa now attracts more than 70,000 unique visitors daily who in turn generate more than 2,000,000 page views daily and view more than 4,000,000 banner headlines daily.

About Quepasa Corporation

Quepasa Corporation, owner of Quepasa.com, is the world’s largest, bicultural Hispanic online community. The company is committed to providing entertaining, enriching, and empowering products and services to millions of Hispanic users throughout the U.S. and certain areas of Latin America. The Quepasa community provides users with access to robust, bilingual content, information sharing and other topics of high importance to Hispanic users.

Quepasa Surpasses One Million Member Mark