Want a Great-looking Lawn?

Want a Great-looking Lawn?

Win the battle against destructive pests


(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–You seed, feed, water and mow to keep your yard looking the best it can be. But if you’re not careful, your hard work and efforts could all be for naught.

“Insects can damage your lawn before you know they’re there,” says Bayer Advanced Garden Expert Lance Walheim, co-author of Lawn Care for Dummies.

There are hundreds of pests that can lurk in your lawn. Some insects attack from the grass blades, while others feed on the grass roots below. Here are some pests that can do the most damage:

— Sod Webworms — These surface insects feed on the roots, stems and grass. Damage is worse in late summer. You may notice webbing on grass blades or circular brown patches on your lawn.

— Armyworms — Armyworms feed on grass blades, causing circular or irregular dead spots. A bad infestation can strip a lawn of foliage in a matter of days.

— Chinch Bugs — The chinch bug is the most destructive pest of St. Augustine grass lawns. Consumers spend more than $50 million a year trying to control these surface feeders. Signs of infestation include small, round patches of brownish-yellowish grass. If left uncontrolled, large areas of the lawn may die.

— White Grubs — The larvae of certain beetles, grubs are the most notorious. In the spring, they live in the top few inches of soil, eating the roots of lawn grasses. In early summer, grubs develop into adult beetles and some, like the Japanese beetle, can damage roses, trees and other plants in your yard.

— Mole Crickets — The #1 lawn pest on the Gulf Coast is a double threat. Some mole crickets eat grass roots, but most feed on organisms in the soil. As they forage for food they uproot your lawn, turning it yellow before it dies.

Remember to routinely water and aerate — a healthy vigorous lawn has fewer problems. Always plant grasses that are resistant to bugs and are appropriate for your climate. Preventing insect damage is now easier than ever. Bayer Advanced Complete Insect Killer for Soil & Turf with its unique two-way formula controls even the most destructive insects above ground, and controls below ground insects for up to three months — all in one step.

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Want a Great-looking Lawn?