Gift of Eye Health for Hispanic Fathers and Families

Gift of Eye Health for Hispanic Fathers and Families


PINELLAS PARK, Fla., June 11 /HISPANIC PR WIRE-CONTEXTO LATINO/ — What would make the many responsibilities that a father has even more challenging? Many challenges could arise every day, but certainly most of them would be even more difficult to tackle without the gift of healthy sight. Fathers are traditionally the heads of household and as such are responsible to provide sustenance and take the reins of the family to provide the right guidance to every member of the family. Hispanic fathers and fathers of all cultures in North America depend on healthy sight to efficiently accomplish their goals.

Committed to the eye health of the person that has such a crucial role in society, and recognizing that many Hispanic parents work exposed to UV light and require additional protection to their precious eyes, Wal-Mart and Transitions Optical present Latino fathers a gift of eye health, the “Guide to Eye Diseases.” The Guide is a comprehensive booklet with information developed by the National Eye Institute which illustrates and explains the most salient eye diseases and conditions that affect the eye health of Hispanics in the United States. It offers suggestions to better communicate with eye care professionals and at the same time provides information on threats to healthy sight such as exposure to ultra violet light (UV).

Dr. Madeline Romeu, O.D., F.A.A.O. and Optometric Advisor to Transitions Optical, reinforces the importance of being informed about how the eye functions when visiting an eye care professional for a yearly exam or any other eye health concern.

“The more a patient knows about the eye, the better he can explain any existing concerns,” said Dr. Romeu. “The ‘Guide to Eye Diseases’ describes what a comprehensive eye exam should be, offers factual information and diagrams on how the eye works and what conditions and diseases most affect Hispanics including eye conditions such as early macular degeneration and cataracts which can be aggravated by cumulative UVA and UVB radiation exposure.”

The complimentary “Guide to Eye Diseases” will be available at 400 Wal-Mart Vision Centers located in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods across the U.S. over the Father’s Day Weekend (June 14th and 15th) as a special gift to fathers and families.

“Transitions Optical has a long-standing commitment to the eye health of Hispanics and our partnership with Wal-Mart empowers and reminds fathers and families to protect and care for their eye Health,” said Martha Rivera, Hispanic segment market manager for Transitions Optical.

“At Wal-Mart we understand that our Hispanic customers value their time together and enjoy doing things as a family. This is why we want to invite them to visit our Vision Centers and get a copy of this valuable health resource,” said David Cantrell – Optical Marketing Manager. “If you are in the neighborhood looking for a present for dad or running your weekend shopping errands, come meet our family of eye care professionals and let them share with you the free “Guide to Eye Diseases” as a gift of healthy sight to your family.

“To learn more about healthy sight and how to protect the eyes from ultraviolet exposure visit .

Gift of Eye Health for Hispanic Fathers and Families