RushCard Unveils New Features to Help Cardholders Improve Their Money Management in...

RushCard Unveils New Features to Help Cardholders Improve Their Money Management in Tough Economy

Credit Reporting Tool, RushTEXT Alerts and Improved Account Management Provide More Control


CINCINNATI, Oct. 16 /PRNewswire/ — At a time when the economy is very turbulent and people are anxious to safeguard their hard-earned money and use it wisely, the Prepaid Visa(R) RushCard today introduces industry-leading, new features that make it easier for cardholders to take control of their finances.

RushCard and Baby Phat Prepaid Visa RushCard members who opt-in for the free “RushPath to Credit” service can now use their cards to build a positive credit file that may help them qualify for loans. Additionally, they can use their mobile phones to keep track of card balances and transactions from virtually anywhere they are. These new features are available through the newly designed members’ site, which offers greater peace of mind with enhanced security features and increased functionality.

UniRush LLC, which distributes the RushCard, developed the new card features in response to members’ desire for new and better ways to manage their money, said entrepreneur and philanthropist Russell Simmons. Simmons launched RushCard to help people without a traditional banking relationship gain the access to the financial services and respect that they deserve.

“The RushCard mission is to empower our members by giving them access to services that help them reach their personal and financial goals,” said Simmons. “People have told us that they want even more help to avoid financial troubles, control their budgets, pay bills as easily as possible and get ahead despite the tough economy. Today, we’re giving them more of what they want.”

The RushCard allows members to spend only the funds that they have deposited onto their card, giving them the budget control they need and the access to products and services that they want from a Visa debit card. The RushCard helps members stay debt free and avoid costly check-cashing fees.

Opt-in Credit Reporting

Understanding that RushCard members depend heavily on their cards to conveniently pay their bills online or over the telephone, RushCard today offers them the opportunity to build a positive credit file.

When members select the option to enroll in the free “RushPath to Credit” service and make regular bill payments with the RushCard, those debit transactions will be reported to a participating consumer credit reporting agency.

Over time, those agencies can use a member’s transaction history to create a positive credit file that lenders can use to determine credit worthiness.

Available now, this new feature is offered only to members who opt-in for it at

RushTEXT Alerts

RushCard members expressed a strong desire for the ability to check their current card balance and recent transaction activity via their mobile phones. Now, they have it.

With this new service, RushCard sends deposit alerts, balance information and information on recent transactions to mobile phones, depending on the preferences set by the cardholder.

“Our cardholders asked for a tool that would help them to stay up-to-date on the status of their money when they are on the go,” said Ram Palaniappan, RushCard’s General Manager. “In developing this new feature, we’ve been able to work with our members to offer a useful tool that further helps them manage their money.”

RushCard members can now access their upgraded online account to manage their daily transactions. Online account management is safe and secure with a log-in and password unique to the individual cardholder. RushCard members benefit from improved, functional pages that make it easy to view and search transaction history. To take advantage of RushCard’s new card features, including “RushPath to Credit” and RushTEXT alerts, RushCard members must enroll through their online account at

About UniRush Financial Services

Headquartered in Cincinnati, UniRush LLC was created to offer the over 48 million Americans without access to a traditional banking relationship an array of basic financial services via the Prepaid Visa RushCard. Benefits of the program include direct deposit, the ability to withdraw funds at over 850,000 ATMs globally, the ability to use the card wherever Visa debit cards are accepted and free 24/7 customer service. For more information about UniRush and RushCard visit .

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RushCard Unveils New Features to Help Cardholders Improve Their Money Management in Tough Economy