Born from Watermelon, ‘The Wumblers” Vine-Like Nature Is Gripping The World Like...

Born from Watermelon, ‘The Wumblers” Vine-Like Nature Is Gripping The World Like Never Before!


FORT LEE, N.J., June 5 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — In a matter of 18 months, The Wumblers were born out of their watermelon and nurtured to become an

award-winning, globally-enlightened children’s television series and brand whose influence and appeal continue to transcend spiritual, cultural, and conventional boundaries in some very unique ways exclusive to The Wumblers.

An unstoppable team, the clever strategy behind the building of The Wumblers brand can be attributed to two extraordinary young women. Laura Wellington (CEO and creator) and Heidi Schwartz (Director of Public Relations and Licensing) have transformed “faith” into “opportunity” and a business whose radically different approach is driving success their way in an equally unconventional manner.

Even before the worldwide debut of The Wumblers, licensees were signed, the first being ELH Enterprises, whose cuddly, plush characters are favorites among children.

The Learning Journey International followed with a full line of bilingual puzzles and games, with vast appeal to the Hispanic community. The Learning Journey International is also in development with two electronic Wumbler toys to debut later this year.

And just as they will be watching and playing with their Wumblers, toddler boys and girls will now be wearing them through t-shirts created by Crossroads Designs. A baby Wumbler popping out of a watermelon is one of the hot designs created in the apparel category this year.

The excitement just kept building as The Wumblers signed with Daywind/New Day, whose premiere reputation would spearhead the creation and distribution of Wumblers DVDs and CDs to round out this core product line.

From the onset, Wellington and Schwartz presented The Wumblers as not just a television series but as an evergreen brand founded upon “faith, family, and fun,” which translates into “future,” and the best of all possible ones for ALL the world’s children. The partnerships The Wumblers have garnered, including The National Watermelon Association, provide a well-rounded, solid foundation in which to build a limitless phenomenon — and a phenomenon is what Wellington and Schwartz are determined to achieve. “The heart knows no limits,” says Wellington, “and that is where this television series and brand began! Of course, we can achieve this!” And obviously Schwartz is in full agreement, having put together a deal to create an online retail environment for Wumbler products with Ty’s Toy Box –

So as The Wumblers continue to WUMBLE their way into the hearts and minds of children everywhere, The Giddy Gander team is looking forward to meeting their many future licensing partners at Licensing Show as they continue to push children’s television entertainment and branding to a whole new level. They invite all those companies eager for something new to drop by their booth 4562 at the International Licensing Show in NYC on June 10 – June 12 and greet them with the words:


Born from Watermelon, ‘The Wumblers” Vine-Like Nature Is Gripping The World Like Never Before!