Salsa is a Super Bowl Supermarket Favorite

Salsa is a Super Bowl Supermarket Favorite

More than 4,000 gallons of Herdez(R) Salsa sold last year for Super Bowl entertaining


Phoenix, AZ–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – PR NEWSWIRE)–January 29, 2008–Herdez(R) Salsa, the number one imported salsa consumed in the United States, sold more than 4,000 gallons of salsa in the month leading up to last year’s Super Bowl — causing industry insiders to believe that ethnic fare continues to gain popularity as a mainstream food.

Since 1991, salsa sales have surpassed items like ketchup and mustard in the condiments category, according to The Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink. The trend is credited to an ‘acculturation’ of dinner tables in the United States. Ethnic foods including Mexican-American foods have been added to the meal line-up for many families and evolved into a favorite at popular gatherings. Like last year, Herdez(R) predicts that its Salsa Casera will be a “hot” item on the buffet tables of many Super Bowl 2008 parties—although it also comes in “mild.”

HERDEZ(R) Salsa is made the authentic way, using only fresh tomatoes, onions, Serrano peppers and cilantro. These traditional ingredients have been staples of Mexican cooking for centuries and there’s never been a need for anything artificial.

Today, HERDEZ(R) Salsa is Mexico’s favorite. In fact, it’s the #1 brand of imported salsa in homes all across America. You can enjoy it in many traditional styles: Salsa Casera (homemade style), Salsa Verde (tomatillo-based), Salsa Ranchera (smoky flavor), Salsa Taquera (for

Authentic Tacos), Salsa Cinco Chiles (Five Peppers), Salsa Chile de Arbol (Tree Pepper) and the Hot-Delicious Salsa Chilpotle. Herdez(R) authentic Mexican products are available nationwide at major grocery stores. To find out more about Herdez(R) tradition or recipes visit

Salsa is a Super Bowl Supermarket Favorite