SBC Communications Announces $1.99 Monthly Wi-Fi Pricing

SBC Communications Announces $1.99 Monthly Wi-Fi Pricing

Consumers, Businesses that Bundle SBC DSL with Public Wi-Fi get Unlimited Access to 3,900 FreedomLink Hot Spots


San Antonio,TX–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–October 19, 2004–SBC Communications Inc. (NYSE: SBC) today announced it will offer FreedomLink Wi-Fi service for $1.99 a month to customers who bundle the service with SBC Yahoo! DSL. By bundling the services, SBC customers will enjoy a comparable broadband experience at home, in the office and on the road while paying as little as $29 a month for the two services.

“Once you experience high-speed DSL Internet access service, you want to take it everywhere you go,” said Scott Helbing, senior vice president, SBC consumer marketing. “Now, through this exciting Wi-Fi offer, our DSL customers can enjoy high-speed Internet access at thousands of locations around the country for $1.99 a month.”

In addition, through an introductory offer designed to let business and residential DSL customers experience the convenience and productivity benefits provided by public Wi-Fi hot spots, customers who sign up for SBC Yahoo! DSL will be able to use the FreedomLink service at no charge until April 15, 2005. After this introductory period, the price will be $1.99 a month with a one-year term commitment for customers who choose to sign up for the service. For non-SBC Yahoo! DSL members, FreedomLink service will continue to cost $19.95 a month, a price that’s among the lowest in the industry.

The FreedomLink network, which is one of the nation’s largest Wi-Fi networks, delivers high-speed wireless connectivity at 3,900 locations, including airports, hotels and coffee shops, as well as select McDonald’s restaurants and The UPS Store(TM) locations (a complete list of FreedomLink locations is available at Other roaming locations are not included in the offer. At the hot spots, subscribers can use laptop computers and personal digital assistants to wirelessly connect to the Internet and corporate networks at speeds 50 to 100 times as fast as a dial-up connection.

“This is the most aggressive move any company has taken to make the benefits of a large Wi-Fi network available to business customers and the mass consumer market,” said Helbing. “We’ve always viewed Wi-Fi as an extension of our DSL service, and by creating a bundle that includes both services for as little as $29, we’re dramatically enhancing the value of our DSL service. This bundle will also further differentiate our broadband service from cable modem service, making SBC Yahoo! DSL the obvious choice for consumers and businesses.”

With more than 4.3 million DSL lines in service, SBC companies are the nation’s largest DSL provider. Residential customers can order SBC Yahoo! DSL Express, featuring download speeds of up to 1.5 megabits per second (Mbps), for only $26.95 a month with a one-year term commitment when purchased online, at a retail outlet or as part of an SBC Connections plan.

SBC Yahoo! DSL Pro, with download speeds of up to 3.0 Mbps, is available for as low as $36.99 a month when purchased online, as part of an SBC Connections bundle or through select retail locations. Business customers can receive SBC Yahoo! DSL Express and SBC Yahoo! DSL Pro for $26.95 and $36.99 respectively when they order online. (Other monthly charges apply. See below.)

The FreedomLink service is part of an integrated effort to meet customer demand for a comparable broadband experience in the home, office or on the road. To meet this goal, SBC companies plan to make available more than 20,000 Wi-Fi hot spots to FreedomLink customers by the end of 2006 and work with Cingular Wireless to utilize Wi-Fi and Cingular’s wireless network to deliver unprecedented high-speed wireless Internet access.

“We believe our extensive WI-Fi network, value pricing and large embedded base of DSL customers will make FreedomLink the most attractive Wi-Fi service on the market,” said Helbing. “More than 42 percent of our business customers say they’re mobile at least 20 percent of the time, and our FreedomLink service gives them a mobile solution that increases business productivity and effectiveness.”

Bundling Wi-Fi with DSL is the latest step that SBC companies have taken to drive Wi-Fi adoption. Since early 2004, the company has undertaken the industry’s most aggressive Wi-Fi deployment, rapidly making the FreedomLink service available in thousands of locations.

In addition to making FreedomLink service widely available, the deployment has also created a network with a wide variety of locations, which makes the service attractive to a broad cross-section of business professionals and consumers. To augment this deployment, the company has formed roaming relationships with other Wi-Fi providers that enable FreedomLink subscribers to roam onto third-party Wi-Fi networks.

SBC companies have conditioned the market for the FreedomLink Wi-Fi service by encouraging customers to use private wireless LANs in their businesses and home locations. SBC companies are selling more than 3,000 home Wi-Fi gateways a day to SBC Yahoo! DSL customers who wish to set up a wireless LAN in their home.

FreedomLink(SM) public wireless high-speed Internet access is provided by SBC Internet Services. SBC, the SBC logo, FreedomLink, the FreedomLink logo, and other product names are trademarks of SBC Knowledge Ventures, L.P. All other brand names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. © 2004 SBC Knowledge Ventures, L.P. All rights reserved. Yahoo! logo is a registered trademark of Yahoo! Inc.

FreedomLink Promotion: Connections available at FreedomLink Hot Spots only. Roaming locations are not available. An 802.11 b/g enabled device is required for Wi-Fi access. Offer will expire on April 15, 2005. Promotion and any session may not be extended beyond the previously stated time. Users must register and receive a SBC Yahoo! DSL User ID and Password before signing onto the FreedomLink network. Also, before starting a session, users must review the Terms & Conditions and indicate their acceptance by clicking on the ‘I Accept’ button. Connections will be limited to the Master Account for SBC Yahoo! DSL subscribers. Subject to change without notice. Service is not available in all areas.

$19.95 monthly pricing requires one-year term commitment. $100 early termination fee applies. Users must pay all service and usage charges incurred prior to termination. At the end of term commitment, service will continue on a monthly basis at current rates. Roaming available at participating locations. For Basic Membership customers, roaming surcharges apply. In addition to FreedomLink Terms and Conditions, acceptance of Membership Agreement is required. All charges will be billed to your credit card.

DSL customers will also be charged a monthly FUSF (Federal Universal Service Fund) cost recovery fee to help cover charges from our data transport supplier pursuant to state and federal telecom regulations. This fee is not a tax or government-required charge.

$26.95 and $36.99 monthly residential pricing available for new online orders, if purchased as part of an SBC Connections bundle, or through select retail locations. New business customers receive $26.95 and $36.99 monthly pricing for orders placed online. SBC local service and one-year term required. $200 early termination fee. At end of term, then-current monthly rate applies. $150-$200 additional charge if technician install is required or desired. The equipment charge will appear on the first bill along with any corresponding and offsetting instant credits. Laptop users and some desktop users may need to purchase an Ethernet card. Billing begins on service activation date. Service not available in all areas. Subject to change without notice. Maximum speed achieved depends on customer location. Acceptance of Terms of Service required. Taxes and additional fees and surcharges extra. Other restrictions apply.

SBC Communications Inc. is a Fortune 50 company whose subsidiaries, operating under the SBC brand, provide a full range of voice, data, networking, e-business, directory publishing and advertising, and related services to businesses, consumers and other telecommunications providers. SBC holds a 60 percent ownership interest in Cingular Wireless, which serves more than 25 million wireless customers. SBC companies provide high-speed DSL Internet access lines to more American consumers than any other provider and are among the nations leading providers of Internet services. SBC companies also now offer satellite TV service. Additional information about SBC and SBC products and services is available at



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SBC Communications Announces $1.99 Monthly Wi-Fi Pricing