Created through a landmark alliance, SBC Yahoo! DSL is expected to drive broadband adoption with industry leading personalization, rich content, productivity features and a choice of bundled premium services


San Antonio, Texas, and Sunnyvale, Calif.,–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–Sept. 17, 2002–Internet leaders SBC Communications Inc. (NYSE:SBC) and Yahoo! Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO) today unveiled SBC Yahoo! DSL, an innovative Internet service that is expected to drive broadband adoption by delivering an entirely new kind of online experience.

Designed to take full advantage of a broadband connection, and available to more than 26 million customer locations in SBC’s 13-state region, SBC Yahoo! DSL delivers an unparalleled online experience, with new levels of personalization and ease-of-use, rich content, superior interactivity, and a bundle of valuable premium services. Paired with new “personalized speeds” and affordable pricing options that give customers one of the best values on the market, SBC Yahoo! DSL offers consumers what they want, when they want it.

“By merging the unique capabilities of two industry leaders, SBC Yahoo! DSL is the first service to truly deliver on the promise of broadband,” said Edward E. Whitacre Jr., chairman and CEO, SBC Communications. “The service represents the next major step in the Internet’s evolution and will help accelerate broadband growth by turning it into an indispensable part of people’s lives.”

“With its groundbreaking look and feel, enhanced interactivity, new levels of personalization and choice, and bundled premium services, SBC Yahoo! DSL fundamentally changes the broadband landscape,” said Terry Semel, chairman and chief executive officer, Yahoo! Inc. “We’ve been listening closely to our millions of loyal users and have responded with the next-generation Yahoo!,” Semel added. “We expect to continue innovating and adding new features, thus offering users an ever-expanding, engaging and useful broadband experience.”

SBC and Yahoo! brought the service to market in only 10 months by tapping each other’s core strengths. SBC, through its family of Internet companies, is the nation’s leading DSL provider with more than 1.7 million DSL lines in service, providing ISP expertise, reliable network access and strong customer support. Yahoo!, a leading global Internet company, brings the strength of its brand, compelling content and millions of loyal users. SBC Yahoo! DSL is the second service created from the alliance – earlier this year, the companies launched SBC Yahoo! Dial, a nationwide dial-up service.

Interactive Personalization – Customization Meets Ease-of-Use

SBC Yahoo! DSL leverages Yahoo!’s leading personalization capabilities, taking them to new heights, and setting the standard for ease-of-use. SBC Yahoo! DSL comes with one primary account and ten household accounts, and each member of the household can easily tailor their experience to match their interests and preferences. As each family member logs on, his or her unique interface appears. SBC Yahoo! DSL includes a highly integrated presentation of Yahoo!’s award winning services, providing a seamless experience with attention to ease-of-use. For example, a user chooser feature allows for easy log-in and log-out for each member of the household, a personalization wizard permits quick customization of key features, and online demonstrations help users get the most out of the service.

— SBC Yahoo! customized browser. A brand-new browser is easily customizable. Subscribers can organize category buttons, from shopping to music to games and more, to suit their surfing needs and interests. The browser also includes a powerful new broadband feature, the Yahoo! Sidebar, allowing instant access to a wide range of personalized information, content and communications features at the click of the mouse. The initial Sidebar modules include Yahoo! Messenger, the fastest growing instant messaging service*, as well as customized LAUNCHcast Radio player, the subscriber’s own calendar or email account, favorite team sports scores, news stories based on the subscriber’s own interests, personal portfolio stock quotes, and local weather.

— Personal homepage. Subscribers can send email, plan their day, get local news and movie times, and select and organize personal content all without leaving the page, further increasing productivity and enjoyment. Each user, including household accounts, can choose what they want on their individual homepage from a list of 100 modules, including finance, news, travel, entertainment and sports. Information such as weather and movie times are pre-populated with local information from the very first time a subscriber logs on, making the experience relevant and individualized from the start. SBC Yahoo! DSL brings even more compelling content to the homepage in the “Today” module, continuously providing a rotation of highly relevant broadband content based on the subscriber’s individual interests.

The Web’s Best Content, Optimized for Broadband

SBC Yahoo! DSL leverages Yahoo!’s top rated products and hundreds of content partners, giving subscribers the best of the Web in an easy to navigate way.

— Easy access to broadband content. SBC Yahoo! DSL includes new environments for leading Yahoo! services such as Finance, Movies, Music, Photos and Sports. Broadband content is brought to the forefront, making it easier to find and enjoy movie trailers, music videos, real-time stock quotes, online games and more.

— Enhanced interactivity. Customers can complete tasks such as sending an e-mail or instant message, checking the weather or watching a video news clip, without leaving the page they are viewing.

— SuperWebcam. Included in SBC Yahoo! Messenger, SuperWebcam gives subscribers the option to communicate with family and friends by using real-time video that is near broadcast quality.

— LAUNCHcast Internet radio. LAUNCHcast is a compelling radio experience that offers customers the ability to customize their Internet radio station by rating genres, artists, albums and individual songs. In addition, LAUNCHcast provides users with a variety of pre-programmed and genre-based music channels. And since LAUNCHcast is built into the browser, consumers can listen to streaming music without interrupting their Web surfing.

Productivity and Safety Features

SBC Yahoo! DSL provides leading productivity and security services, helping consumers manage their time, stay safe online and enhance their experience.

— Productivity and personal information management. SBC Yahoo! DSL includes just about everything a person needs online to get through the day – calendar, address book, calculator, notepad, and more. Subscribers have the option to store work files in an online briefcase and listen to voice-mail messages. The service also enables subscribers to set up alerts to deliver email, sports scores, stock quotes, weather, and other timely content directly to a wireless phone or any other Internet-connected device.

— SBC Yahoo! Mail. The service includes premium email solutions with more sub-accounts and online storage than other leading broadband services. Subscribers receive a master e-mail account with 25 megabytes (MB) of storage and 10 sub-accounts, each with 10 MB of storage. Additionally, SBC Yahoo! Mail is equipped to send video e-mails, Web-based e-mail can be sent and received from any Web-connected computer, and POP access and forwarding are easy to set up.

— Spam Filters. Leveraging the advanced features of Yahoo! Mail, rated highest amongst competitors, SBC Yahoo! DSL provides subscribers with Spamguard™, helping consumers spend their time reading only the email they want with easy-to-use filters that identify and filter spam in a proactive way, radically reducing the amount of junk email subscribers receive in their Inbox. SBC Yahoo! Mail utilizes Yahoo!’s “network view” to filter out bulk mail in a way unmatched by client-side applications.

— Parental Controls. One of the industry’s most comprehensive parental controls package enables parents to choose the content their children view online and customize settings for each child. Parents can also limit surfing to the more than 40,000 hand-picked kid-friendly Websites listed in Yahooligans!, Yahoo!’s award-winning family Web destination.

— Safety and Security. Firewall and virus protection software to help keep files and personal information safe.

— Unlimited Remote Dial-Up Access. SBC Yahoo! DSL customers have unlimited nationwide dial access to their account via SBC’s nationwide dial-up network.

Bundled Premium Services

SBC Yahoo! DSL also includes, at no extra charge, a suite of some of Yahoo!’s most valuable premium services, which would have a monthly retail value of at least $30 if purchased separately.1

— SBC Yahoo! Auctions, SBC Yahoo! Classifieds and Consumer Reports®. Customers receive three listings on SBC Yahoo! Auctions, three basic listings on SBC Yahoo! Classifieds and three Consumer Reports® guides.

— SBC Yahoo! Photos and Briefcase. With 110 MB of online storage, friends and family can store and share digital photos and large files.

— Premium Service Choices. Subscribers choose a premium service from each of two categories:

— Category A. SBC Yahoo! Games All-Star Package or 150 MB of extra online briefcase storage.

— Category B. Bill Pay (five payments a month); 500 MB of extra online briefcase storage; SBC Yahoo! Finance Research Reports (five reports per month, containing the same information used by Wall Street experts); or a subscription to Encyclopedia Britannica, one of the Web’s most comprehensive reference sources.

— Customers also receive a 20 percent discount on up to three additional premium services from the entertainment, finance and life management categories.

Increased Value – A Choice of Bandwidth, New Pricing and Limited Time Promotions

By offering a variety of “personalized speeds”, SBC and Yahoo! are letting customers select the bandwidth that best matches their online needs, making broadband affordable to a larger customer base. Consumer offerings include:

— SBC Yahoo! DSL Basic. Provides downstream speeds of up to 384 Kilobits per second (Kbps) and upstream speeds of up to 128 Kbps. Regularly available for $42.95 per month, new customers will receive the first six months for $29.95 per month and receive a free modem and free activation with a one-year term agreement.2

— SBC Yahoo! DSL Standard Plus3. Provides downstream speeds of up to 384 Kbps to 1.5 Megabits per second (Mbps) and upstream speeds of up to 128 Kbps. Regularly available for $49.95 per month, new customers will receive the first six months for $29.95 per month along with a free modem and free activation with a one-year term agreement.2

— SBC Yahoo! DSL Deluxe. Provides downstream speeds of up to 768 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps and upstream speeds of up to 256 Kbps. Regularly available for $59.95 per month, new customers will receive the first six months for $39.95 per month along with a free modem and free activation with a one-year term agreement.2

Higher speed offerings with multiple static IP addresses are available for heavy Internet users and businesses. While small businesses and remote workers can benefit immediately from SBC Yahoo! DSL’s enhanced features, the companies also plan to introduce business-specific co-branded DSL and Dial services in 2003, with applications and content tailored specifically for businesses.

SBC Yahoo! DSL is available in a self-install option, making installation fast, easy and convenient for new customers. Existing SBC DSL customers will be able to begin switching to SBC Yahoo! DSL later this fall and will receive software that enables them to begin experiencing the new service within minutes. Current SBC DSL Internet access customers will keep their existing e-mail addresses and can migrate their preferences.

Technical support is available 24-7 via an online help center, toll-free number (1-877-SBCDSL5), e-mail and real-time chat. Customers can learn more about the service and place an order by visiting or by calling 1-866-SBC-YAHOO. Call center times vary by regions.

Additional information on SBC Yahoo! DSL, including a screen shot of the browser and sample homepage, and a fact sheet that outlines further details of features and services can be found at

SBC Communications Inc. ( is one of the world’s leading data, voice and Internet services providers. Through its world-class network and its subsidiaries’ trusted brands – SBC Southwestern Bell, SBC Ameritech, SBC Pacific Bell, SBC Nevada Bell, SBC SNET and Sterling Commerce – SBC companies provide a full range of voice, data, networking and e-business services, as well as directory advertising and publishing. A Fortune 27 company, America’s leading provider of high-speed DSL Internet Access services, and one of the nation’s leading Internet Service Providers, SBC companies currently serve more than 58 million access lines nationwide. In addition, SBC owns 60 percent of America’s second-largest wireless company, Cingular Wireless, which serves more than 22 million wireless customers. Internationally, SBC has telecommunications investments in 28 countries.

About Yahoo!

Yahoo! Inc. is a leading provider of comprehensive online products and services to consumers and businesses worldwide. Yahoo! is the No. 1 Internet brand globally and the most trafficked Internet destination worldwide. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Yahoo!’s global network includes 25 World properties and is available in 13 languages.

SBC Yahoo! DSL is an information service combining DSL transport and Internet access from SBC Internet Services, with customized content and services from Yahoo! Inc. SBC, the SBC logo and other SBC related product and service names are the trademarks and/or registered trademarks of SBC Properties, L.P. Yahoo!, the Yahoo! logo and other Yahoo! related product and service names are the trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Yahoo! Inc. All other trademarks are the trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

* Media Metrix Inc., June 2002, Key Measures Report, Unique Visitors

(1) Additional details provided during registration.

(2) New residential customers only. Pricing based on customer self-installation on existing line. Regular monthly pricing after the first six months. Additional charge for technician installation. Early termination fee applies. Service not available in all areas. Actual throughput speeds will vary. Offer available for limited time and subject to change without notice. Further details provided during enrollment and online registration. Billing begins when service activated on SBC Internet Services’ network. SBC Yahoo! DSL is an information service combining DSL transport and Internet access from SBC Internet Services, with customized content and services from Yahoo! Inc.

(3) SBC Internet Services in the SBC SNET and SBC Ameritech regions will not initially offer SBC Yahoo! DSL Standard Plus.



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