SBS Awarded Aneudy Lara with the ‘Raúl Alarcón Broadcasting & Communications’ Scholarship

SBS Awarded Aneudy Lara with the ‘Raúl Alarcón Broadcasting & Communications’ Scholarship

Dominican teen received $5,000 scholarship for his work in audiovisual studies


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–July 27 2007–Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) (NASDAQ: SBSA) announced today that Aneudy Lara is the winner of the “Tu Mega TV” project, designed to attract young producers and new talent which began in September 2006. Viewers will get to meet Aneudy Lara for the first time when “” airs him in its regularly scheduled timeslot on Friday, July 27 at 9:00 PM.

Lara, a 27 year old student at the Art Institute and producer of “Los Infieles,” a street opinion poll video, is a young Dominican from a humble family who, like many others, came to this country in search of better opportunities.

“Even when I was little, I remember being in awe of the media,” said Aneudy. “Curious about the unique combination of science and fantasy, I used to wonder about how the tiny, magical people on my television screen got there. Ever since then, I’ve always dreamed of becoming one of those magical people.”

Lara’s childhood dream will become a reality on July 27 on Mega TV’s show, “,” where he will be awarded the $5,000 “Raúl Alarcón Broadcasting & Communications” scholarship, named for the CEO and President of Spanish Broadcasting System. Viewers will also be able to watch the award-winning video created and produced by Lara.

“Los Infieles” is a three minute video that captures the responses of various men and women on the streets of Boston upon being asked, “What would you do if your significant other cheated on you?” Lara asked them jokingly whether they prefer to know about the hypothetical infidelity. Nevertheless, the question still invoked responses that, while delivered in the same tone, cause people to think about a topic that plagues everyone at one point or another. Upon finishing his survey, Lara offers his personal opinion which serves as an amusing and ingenious ending to an extremely creative and well-done project.

“I feel honored for having been chosen, among so many participants, for first place. The three things that keep me going every day are my family, music and television. Television is my world, music is my passion, and my family is my life,” said Aneudy Lara upon receiving his award.

“Raúl Alarcón has been a pioneer and leader in Hispanic communications, and Spanish Broadcasting System continues to develop as a leader in the market,” said Cynthia Hudson-Fernández, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Vice President for SBS. “Our brand and talent is recognized all over. This award is a legacy that Mr. Alarcón will pass down to future generations of Hispanics that, like Aneudy Lara, are following their dreams in the media World.”

“TU MEGA TV” is a opportunity to showcase new productions to television audiences. The campaign will launch into its second year next month, making Mega TV from now on “TU MEGA TV.” For more information on the “Raúl Alarcón Broadcasting & Communications scholarship” please visit

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SBS Awarded Aneudy Lara with the ‘Raúl Alarcón Broadcasting & Communications’ Scholarship