Registration Opens for this Year’s Biggest Celebration of the Hispanic Family: Fiesta...

Registration Opens for this Year’s Biggest Celebration of the Hispanic Family: Fiesta ¡Viva la Familia! de Todobebé

10,000 participants will be chosen to receive more than a ton of gifts from Todobebé, Pampers and other sponsors, allowing families to throw terrific parties, win special prizes and get the exclusive chance to meet mega star Aracely Arámbula


MIAMI, May 1 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Todobebé Inc., the top multi-media company dedicated to the adventures of childrearing and leader brand at providing information to Spanish-speaking parents, announced today that families from coast to coast in the U.S. can now register to be part of the year’s biggest, most lavish and happiest national celebration of motherhood and family, Fiesta ¡Viva la Familia! de Todobebé.

On June 21, more than 100,000 Hispanics from more than 150 cities in the USA are expected to participate on Fiesta ¡Viva la Familia! de Todobebé, in what will be 2008’s biggest event to celebrate Latin families.

The party’s main host is the star of Todobebé’s TV show, Aracely Arámbula, and co-stars Karen Martínez and Jeannette Kaplun. The event, supported by major media outlets, features a promotional platform that will reach millions of parents of children ranging from newborns to 5 year-olds.

Starting today, people can sign up for free at and fill out a form to see if they qualify as hosts of a celebration that will take place in their own homes with relatives and friends with small children. Ten thousand people who meet the criteria will be selected as hosts, and each one will receive gifts and instructions to celebrate with at least 10 of their friends in a special party.

Fiesta ¡Viva La Familia! de Todobebé, sponsored by Pampers and the March of Dimes, will take place on Saturday, June 21, throughout the United States. Families from every city in the U.S. are invited. The goal is to have 100 thousand people celebrating simultaneously their love for their families and enjoying wonderful gifts from sponsors. Those who qualify could win the chance to meet Aracely Arámbula on her new TV set in Los Angeles, along with dozens of other prizes such as toys, cosmetics and gift certificates.

As the lovely Mexican actress, mom and hostess explains: “We are going to invite one of the eligible families on an all-expenses-paid trip to attend the tapings of our TV show ¡Viva la Familia! de Todobebé which will premier through the Univision Network in the U.S. this Summer. My co-hosts Karen Martínez, Jeannette Kaplun and I will give them a tour of the set and they will be our guests of honor.”

Aracely added, “I’m encouraging all families to participate in Fiesta ¡Viva La Familia! de Todobebé so we can break last year’s record when 10 thousand Hispanics got together at the same time to celebrate the blessings of parenthood. This year Todobebé’s event is 10 times bigger, more spectacular and more exciting. We’re looking to bring together 100 thousand people, and the first step is to visit and sign up to see if you qualify.”

Todobebé, Inc., announced in January its agreement of collaboration with the Nielsen Company for Fiesta ¡Viva La Familia! de Todobebé. Nielsen will provide Todobebé and sponsors audited data and key measurements on the event’s outcome.

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Registration Opens for this Year’s Biggest Celebration of the Hispanic Family: Fiesta ¡Viva la Familia! de Todobebé