Driving Safety at Full Speed

Driving Safety at Full Speed


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–At home or on the road, safety is important to us all. While we safeguard our homes, we rely on automotive safety engineers to equip our vehicles with the most advanced safety features. Our level of vehicle security depends on fluctuating factors like driving ability, road conditions, weather, climate and other drivers or vehicles on the road. An important factor that should never waver is the vehicle’s safety features.

BMW engineers have a reputation for incorporating the latest technology; the 3 Series 325i and 330i are no exception. The automotive maker is an industry leader for its safety technology. With the 2006 3 Series models, they set out to not just match, but improve upon, the predecessor’s already excellent safety performance which was selected “A Best Pick” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

The two models of the accessible, best-selling 3 Series offer a wide array of customer-relevant functions that make driving even safer starting with a solid chassis that is 25 percent stiffer than before and pays dividends in ride comfort, handling and safety. Many vehicles come equipped with anti-lock brake systems; however, when roads are slick or rainy, a Brake Drying System, as on the new 3 Series, works best. Brake Drying Systems keep brakes dry in wet weather reducing stopping distances in an emergency. The stop and go of rush hour traffic or even a ball thrown into a neighborhood street may force you to make a fast stop. The Brake Standby feature prepares your vehicle’s brakes for hard stops, again reducing braking time.

Front airbags are now an industry standard and side airbags are becoming more common. BMW was the industry pioneer of head protection systems. The new BMW 3 Series, offers the latest Head Protection System for both front and rear passengers. According to the IIHS, head protection systems are 53 percent more effective in reducing deaths among drivers who are struck on the side during an accident.

Despite the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) public service campaign “Abrochado o Mutilado,” motor vehicle crashes are now the leading cause of death for Hispanics one to 34 years old. If used properly, the NHTSA states that lap and shoulder belts reduce the risk of fatal injuries to front seat occupants by 45 percent and the risk of moderate to critical injuries by 50 percent. Automatic tensioners and force limiters are standard features in the new 3 Series models. To ensure easy and proper installation of child safety seats all BMWs now have Automatic Locking Retractors on all passenger seats and well as LATCH attachments in the rear seats.

Poor tires or low air pressure result in poor performance, more fuel consumption and greater risk of a blow-out. Since people often forget to check tire pressures before strarting out on a trip a Flat Tire Monitor on cars like the new 3 Series can alert the driver when a tire looses air pressure. Another great safety feature that automotive engineers are incorporating in newer vehicles is Run Flat tires. These tires allow vehicles to continue be driven safely in the event of a flat or blow out. On the BMW 3 Series, they are now standard and allow your vehicle to travel up to three hours on rims shaped to keep a flat tire securely in place eliminating the need for a spare tire, allowing the driver to not only maintain control but safely drive to a place where the tire can be repaired or replaced.

While there are many excellent vehicles to choose from, not many manufacturers offer full scheduled maintenance for four years or 50,000 like BMW. That speaks volumes. It’s not rocket science — if your vehicle is properly maintained, then you’re assured of continued maximum performance.

Make, model and options are important considerations, yet safety remains a priority — especially for those whose vehicles transport your most precious cargo — your children. Assure yourself that next vehicle comes fully equipped with technological safety advances. The few extra dollars spent on safety features will be worth the investment.

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Driving Safety at Full Speed