SoBe Fuerte…SoBe Yourself!

SoBe Fuerte…SoBe Yourself!

Beverage Company Launches First Latin-Inspired Flavor


Norwalk, CT–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–March 30, 2004–SoBe Beverages announced that the company will launch SoBe Fuerte, the company’s first beverage inspired by the Latino market. The new mango passion-fruit blend will be available in the Texas, San Diego and South Florida markets in April and will carry the tagline, “SoBe Tu Mismo,” which translates to “SoBe Yourself.”

“SoBe has been inspired by the vibrancy of Hispanic culture, and new SoBe Fuerte celebrates the passion and intensity of that society, “ said SoBe Sr. Brand Manager Tom Smallhorn. “The creative music, innovative dance, and great tasting foods with intense flavor found in the Hispanic culture all lead to the development of SoBe Fuerte.”

The flavor’s name translates to “strength,” and it will be enhanced with Jamaica extract, yerba matte and guarana, all ingredients indigenous to Latin countries.

According to Smallhorn, a significant amount of consumer research went into the product’s development. “We realized that SoBe products were popular in heavily Hispanic markets, but SoBe didn’t have any particular flavor that appealed specifically to Latino consumers. When we set out to develop SoBe Fuerte, we talked to both Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers – to help us develop a fun product name and the great flavor profile that would appeal to this market segment.”

While SoBe Fuerte was developed to be a part of the existing 20 oz. product line, it will be strongly supported in the Hispanic markets with Spanish-language radio and point of sale. The SoBe Love Buses will also sample at select Hispanic-focused youth events this summer.

SoBe Fuerte will be line-priced with other SoBe Beverages, (ranging from $1.09-$1.49) and will be available at convenience stores, gas marts, grocery stores, delis, and other retailers where SoBe Beverages are sold.

If you have media questions regarding SoBe Fuerte, or any other SoBe beverages, please contact Maida Rimoldi at or 203.899.7167.


Norwalk, CT- based South Beach Beverage Company is the maker of herbally enhanced refreshment beverages marketed under the SoBe brand name. SoBe “healthy refreshment’ beverages are formulated for individuals with active lifestyles. In addition to SoBe teas and juice blends in the 20 oz. glass lizard bottle, SoBe markets SoBe Sports System, an advanced performance beverage system, SoBe Adrenaline Rush, an all-natural maximum energy supplement, Love Bus Brew, an energizing chocolate drink, and SoBe Ice, a fountain-dispensed frozen product with SoBe flavors. SoBe’s licensed products include SoBe Gum and SoBe Chocolate. The newest product in the SoBe product line is a 16-oz. energy drink, SoBe No Fear Super Energy Supplement.

SoBe beverages can be purchased at convenience stores, grocery stores, mass merchandisers and warehouse clubs, delis, gas marts, and select restaurants/hotels. For more information, visit the SoBe web site at or call the Lizard Line at 1-800-588-0548. SoBe is a separate operating unit of Pepsi-Cola North America.



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SoBe Fuerte…SoBe Yourself!