‘Nothin’ But The Tooth’

‘Nothin’ But The Tooth’

Survey reveals interesting tidbits about oral care behaviors and attitudes


Princeton, NJ–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 5, 2007–A survey commissioned in Spring 2007 by the makers of ARM & HAMMER(R) Advance White(R) Toothpaste uncovered the following fun facts related to brushing teeth. (A total of 624 Americans participated in this on-line survey, which has a margin of error of +/- 3.9%).

1. A clean mouth is more important than a clean body

When asked what part of their daily routine they would absolutely NOT want to skip, nearly 94 percent of respondents selected ‘brushing my teeth’, which overwhelmingly beat out ‘showering’ (77 percent), ‘doing my hair’ (46 percent) and ‘exercise’ (14 percent). (Respondents could pick more than one choice.)

2. Teeth Whitening is “White Hot”

More than 62 percent of survey respondents have taken steps to whiten their teeth using over-the-counter drug store products. The most popular whitening product is toothpaste (84 percent), with whitening strips streaking to the second spot (57 percent) and gum sticking to the third slot (35 percent). (Respondents could choose more than one answer).

In a related note, one in three whitened their teeth (or plan to whiten their teeth) before their wedding by either going to a dental professional or using at-home whitening products.

3. Snack Attack Plan

More than 40 percent of respondents believe that brushing their teeth helps them to avoid snacking between meals.

4. “You’re Hired” trumps “I Do”

Turns out more people want their smile to look its best at a job interview than at their wedding. Nearly 3 out of 4 respondents selected “Job Interview” as an occasion when they want their smile to shine, while only half the respondents vowed that they needed a sparkling smile at their own wedding. (Respondents could choose up to three answers to this question).

5. First Impressions on First Dates

The nose knows that body odor ranks first on the list of biggest turn-off on a first date, with 94 percent of respondents agreeing with that statement. But bad breath isn’t too far behind at 91 percent. Yellow teeth took third (75 percent) while ‘food stuck in teeth’ (63 percent) landed at fourth. (Respondents could check more than one answer).

6. Travel Necessity

Travelers can’t live without their favorite tube of toothpaste. When asked which one personal care item would never get left behind when hitting the road, more than 57 percent selected ‘toothpaste.’ Surprisingly, ‘toothpaste’ easily distanced itself from other personal care items, including runner-up ‘make-up’ (17 percent), and also-rans ‘shampoo’ (8 percent) and ‘body wash’ (6 percent).

7. “Maps, spare change for tolls, toothpaste…”

Nearly 20 percent of Americans keep a tube of toothpaste in their car.

8. “Get Your Own Tube, Junior!”

45 percent of parents buy their own personal tube of toothpaste for themselves rather than partaking of the ‘family tube of toothpaste.’

9. Dreams begin and end with teeth brushing session

99 percent of respondents say that brushing their teeth is the last thing they do before heading to “dreamland” each night, and 95 percent return to the wash basin as soon as they wake up to brush again.

10. Smile Swap

Wish you could swap your smile with one of showbiz’s leading ladies? Halle Berry’s and Julia Roberts’ pearly whites virtually tied in the top spot when female respondents were asked that question.

* It’s good to see us girls feeling good about ourselves… the largest portion of women respondents ACTUALLY prefer their own flashy smiles to that of a celebrity.

11. His & Her Sinks

Lastly, ladies were asked: “If you could share your bathroom sink and bump elbows with any Hollywood hunk while brushing your teeth, who would it be?” Nearly 19 percent of female respondents selected George Clooney and his arresting smile. Matthew McConaughey clinched the second spot on the list, and Brad Pitt took third.

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‘Nothin’ But The Tooth’