starMedia Launches ‘Toque Latino’

starMedia Launches ‘Toque Latino’


MIAMI, July 22 /PRNewswire/ — Following the recent, very successful debut of starMedia’s new, weekly Webcast show starMedia EntertaiNews, today the global Spanish-language Portal launched Toque Latino ( ), another newly-created Webcast show. Toque Latino was developed with Media 8 of Miami as a dedicated Portal page promoting products and services offered by one of the agency’s multinational consumer products accounts.

“The creation of Toque Latino — a new starMedia advertising vehicle — was inspired by the very positive feedback and demand we’ve received over the Webisodio format, following the launch of starMedia EntertaiNews,” noted starMedia COO Juan Jose Nunez. “We’re extremely pleased about this unique and exciting product; beyond providing premium exposure for our advertising clients, Toque Latino will also offer our own users a wealth of very practical and valuable information they provide.”

Toque Latino features five-minute Webisodios, created by starMedia together with C3 Entertainment; they are uniquely fun and highly entertaining productions which showcase the preparation of favorite Latin recipes. The show’s hostess not only offers users a step-by-step guide to preparing delicious recipes, but additionally features recipe details and ingredients adjacent to the Toque Latino Webcast streaming video screen, allowing users to follow recipe preparations at their own pace; they may additionally choose to either print those or relay them to others by email. starMedia has produced a total of ten individual Webisodios, with new episodes scheduled to debut each week throughout the campaign’s duration. Toque Latino will be hosted in the starMedia Mujer channel.

“Toque Latino is a natural extension of our client’s online presence, and additionally offers starMedia users an attractive and fun interactive experience while providing them helpful information about some of their favorite brands,” said Media 8 Co-CEO & Co-Founder Paul Suskey. “Together with starMedia, we look forward to bringing a greater awareness of our client’s brands to Spanish-speaking consumers throughout the US and Latin America,” added Suskey.

About is a free-to-web global service connecting more than 24 million Spanish-speakers through the Internet as well as providing them with the most relevant and extensive information and services. starMedia has local operations in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Spain and throughout the United States (Los Angeles, Miami and New York); and, is wholly owned by Orange ( ), a subsidiary of the France Telecom Group (NYSE: FTE).

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starMedia Launches ‘Toque Latino’