Revitalizing Beauty Tips for Summer

Revitalizing Beauty Tips for Summer

Dove(R) celebrity stylist, Leonardo Rocco reveals his secrets


Greenwich, CT–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–June 6, 2007–Summer is the season for new beginnings and internationally renowned stylist to the stars like RBD, Ana de la Reguera and Lena shares his expert tips for revitalizing skin and hair from the harsh winter dryness.

“The low humidity, dry heat and lack of fresh air during the winter can leave a woman’s skin and hair looking dull,” Leonardo Rocco says. I recommend these four simple tips for a revitalized fresh look this summer.

Hydrate and moisturize. It is as important to hydrate the skin from the outside as it is from the inside. In addition to drinking plenty of water, use a moisturizer daily on the face and body, applying while skin is slightly damp for optimal results. Healthy, glowing skin is a great start for a fresh summer look.

Go natural. Abandon the blow dryer and opt for summer’s hottest hair trend: loose, wavy, natural-looking hair. Start with a shampoo and conditioner that provides deep moisturization while not weighing it down to give the waves ultimate body. Use fingers as a comb to apply a smoothing cream creating optimal curl and bounce while eliminating frizz.

Kindle your inner glow. The cold, gloomy days of winter can also be hard on the spirit. Open your mind and soul to the sunny days to come by cultivating an inner glow. Being healthy and happy on the inside is just as important as having beautiful hair and skin. Simple things like laughter, meditating or committing a random act of kindness will help one find joy and contentment every day of the year.

Customize your beauty. Because every woman has different needs when it comes to beauty it is important to use products that are right for your skin and hair type. My favorite is Dove because it is a trusted brand with expert care for the face, hair and skin. Healthy, beautiful hair and skin every day are one’s own best accessories. They complement the new summer fashions and create a beautiful, natural look people will admire.

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Revitalizing Beauty Tips for Summer