TeleFutura Premieres The Most Unique Talk Show On Spanish Language TV: ¿Quién...

TeleFutura Premieres The Most Unique Talk Show On Spanish Language TV: ¿Quién Tiene La Razón? (Who’s Right)


Miami, FL,–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–June 27, 2003–When a couple is on the verge of a breakup, who’s right and who’s wrong? Now TeleFutura Network will answer that question every weekday with its interesting, entertaining and compassionate new talk show, ¿QUIÉN TIENE LA RAZÓN? (Who’s Right?). Produced in Miami by Venevision International, the show will debut on Monday, July 7, 2003 and will air Monday through Friday, 3:00pm ET/2:00pm Central.

Hosted by the prominent couples therapist/sexologist Nancy Álvarez, ¿QUIÉN TIENE LA RAZÓN? combines elements from talk shows, court programs and advice columns to create an innovative format where couples in crisis express their grievances, get professional advice, and are ultimately judged by the audience, who determine which of the two partners is right.

With her straightforward style and extensive experience as a couples counselor, Nancy confronts her guests, helping them realize their own mistakes and accept responsibility for their actions. She is joined by a unique panel featuring Noé Méndez, a typical “macho man;” the very liberal Diana Montoya; and Alan Jacott, a judgmental “tough guy.” This trio has the potential to become the guests’ best allies or fiercest enemies. All the while, they count on Álvarez’s expertise to maintain the balance.

Compelling and moving, ¿QUIÉN TIENE LA RAZÓN? allows couples to better understand the issues affecting their relationship… so they can either solve their problems, or go their separate ways.

Following are some of the issues that will be discussed in upcoming episodes of the show:

— “I saw you with another woman” – She’s sure he’s unfaithful, but he denies it.

— “Make my sexual fantasies come true” – He wants his wife to please him in certain ways she’s not comfortable with.

— “My wife rebelled” – After 23 years of marriage, she wants to have fun with her friends, and he won’t accept it.

— “Why won’t you marry me?” – They live together, but she refuses to make it legal, and he can’t understand why.

— “Free love” – Both have agreed to have sex with other partners, but now he wants to take the relationship more seriously and she isn’t willing to give up her freedom.

— “I don’t like the way you’re bringing up my son” – Disagreements about child rearing are breaking this couple up.

¿QUIÉN TIENE LA RAZÓN? will air on TeleFutura network Monday through Friday, 3:00pm ET/2:00pm Central.

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TeleFutura Premieres The Most Unique Talk Show On Spanish Language TV: ¿Quién Tiene La Razón? (Who’s Right)