TeleGaleria to Launch Spanish-Language Home Shopping Channel in the United States

TeleGaleria to Launch Spanish-Language Home Shopping Channel in the United States

Lifestyle Home Shopping Channel provides Hispanics with value, convenience and a pathway to an empowered lifestyle


Los Angeles, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–August 21, 2007–TeleGalería, a Spanish-language lifestyle home shopping channel, today announced its plans to launch this fall on Spanish-language television nationwide. TeleGalería will broadcast its original programming weekly and online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on multiple Spanish language networks. The breakthrough lifestyle home shopping channel will embrace the language and preferences of Hispanic consumers, offering viewers an unrivaled blend of the hottest brands, an entertaining shopping experience and program variety.

“TeleGalería will engage customers by focusing on the entire shopping experience rather than just the products,” said Fredrick Ackourey, CEO of TeleGalería. “By embracing the language, culture and preferences of Hispanics, TeleGalería will connect brands to the Hispanic consumer’s lifestyle.”

The channel will offer a one-stop destination where Hispanic consumers can find popular brand name products they desire at a great value in a hassle-free, secure and entertaining shopping environment.

All products will be shipped and handled from fulfillment centers located on either coast of the country to expedite the distribution process effectively and efficiently to customers. Additionally, call centers will be located in South America and Mexico and staffed by hundreds of customer service professionals to guide customers through their shopping experience. TeleGalería will also offer alternative payment options and a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases.

“Home shopping continues to grown in popularity globally. In the U.S., the home shopping market will exceed $13 billion and that growth trend is expected to continue as demographics widen due to a more diverse product mix, better media distribution and more entertaining and engaging formats,” said Ackourey.

Tune in to TeleGalería’s Unique Themed Lifestyle Programming

TeleGalería will use its unique episodic-themed entertainment segments to feature the most popular brand name products in the categories of fashion, jewelry, home, entertainment and electronics. Through its Web site,, viewers will be able to access TeleGalería’s virtual community any time to search for more products, interact with other shoppers, and engage the online lifestyle magazine featuring topics on education, beauty, family and even the customer’s own local community.

Through its broadcasts and Web site, TeleGalería will bring viewers the products they want at affordable prices, while entertaining them with special product demonstrations, guests, celebrities and experts that appeal to Hispanic sensibilities.

Select TeleGalería’s programming includes:

“Cocinado a Moda Latino” – Guest chefs, talented culinary artists from Latin America and chefs to the stars, prepare quick and easy meals with kitchenware available on TeleGalería.

“Unicos” – Viewers will have a chance to purchase one-of-a-kind jewelry exclusively available on TeleGalería. One collection features never before seen designs made from exotic metals like titanium and magnesium fused in a vacuum furnace with colored silicates producing a one of a kind gem of unique beauty.

“Al Estilo Hollywood” – Will offer a sneak peek in to the closets of the hottest Hispanic celebrities. Celebrity guests will discuss the features and benefits of each product and provide viewers with personal insight into what they value and their unique sense of style.

TeleGalería is led by Frederick Ackourey and Alan Cordover, whom together have over 30 years of experience in television marketing, creative product development, licensing and merchandising.

About TeleGalería

TeleGalería is one of America’s leading Spanish language home shopping channel destination for Hispanic consumers. TeleGalería offers the hottest name brand products that Hispanics desire at an affordable price. Available nationwide on Spanish-language television and online 24 hours a day, seven days a week at, customers can find an array of products in the categories of fashion, jewelry, home, entertainment and electronics. Visit for more information.

TeleGaleria to Launch Spanish-Language Home Shopping Channel in the United States