Cabrito Tequila Straight Up Provocative

Cabrito Tequila Straight Up Provocative


Los Angeles, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 26, 2005–Cabrito Tequila, a Mexican icon since 1934 is giving tequila loyalists something to talk about. The buzz has begun and people are asking who or what is “El Mas Cabrito de los…”The open-ended statement generates the desired answer. Distilled from pure agave in Los Altos de Jalisco, Cabrito Tequila is made by Mexican artisans and is one of the best selling tequilas in Mexico. The Mexicans that know tequila, know Cabrito Tequila. Now the U.S. tequila lover will savor it too, with a straight up provocative image full of attitude and a bit of fun.

Eye catching and buzz generating images and phrases are provoking answers to the missing word in the slogan “The Most Cabrito of the…”.Playing off of the similarity of the word Cabrito to a favorite slang word used to connote the best, top notch, the “baddest,” the “hotshot,” Cabrito Tequila is attracting those in the know and look for the best agave Distilled by master artisans from a family that has been doing it for 100 years.

“Cabrito Tequila is confident in its authenticity, heritage and quality so we are striking out from the norm for tequila marketing and launching this irreverent and fun approach. With all things Latino and especially Mexican cuisine influencing the food and beverage industry throughout the U.S., Cabrito Tequila is ready to continue conquering discerning palates in the U.S.,” says Alex Sobol, President of GenerH, Carbrito’s agency of record.

The entire spectrum of Hispanics and the general market want the best taste, and value, when they choose their spirits and when the best also gives them something hip to talk about, the product gains a loyal following akin to celebrity status. This is a new era in tequila enjoyment and Cabrito Tequila is taking the lead.

About Cabrito Tequila

Cabrito Tequila is a value-priced 100% Agave tequila, also available in Blanco. Its label depicts a goat from the prestigious tequila highlands of Arandas, Jalisco, outside Guadalajara. Tequila Cabrito ranks among the highest volume premium tequilas sold in the 100% Agave category. Cabrito has a reputation for quality and affordability. Its slightly sweet flavor reveals hints of caramel and chamomile, extending into a medium-length finish.

Cabrito Tequila Straight Up Provocative