Terra’s Third comScore Digital Study Shows Hispanics’ Purchasing Funnel Fueled by Mobile...

Terra’s Third comScore Digital Study Shows Hispanics’ Purchasing Funnel Fueled by Mobile and Social Engagement

-- Adopting all technologies, leading change and establishing the direction of digital consumer behavior-- New shopping habits are emerging from the utilization of mobile devices and social platforms-- Hispanic receptivity towards digital advertising continues to increase significantly


MIAMI, July 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Terra’s Third Hispanic Digital Consumer Study by comScore analyzes Hispanic consumer behavior proving that Hispanics are more socially engaged on the Internet, over-index in mobile device ownership and increasingly make purchases from these devices. Hispanics continue to pave the way for digital consumers in the U.S. as trendsetters and early adopters of new technology. The study also found that Hispanics are significant entertainment consumers and digital advertising engagement continues to trend upward.

Hispanics are tech savvy and socially engaged on the Internet and as a result, are more likely to self describe as trendsetters, risk takers and new gadget lovers. They are more likely to own and intend to purchase the latest personal electronic devices including; smartphones, tablets, music players and game consoles.

Hispanics continue to outpace non-Hispanics with the adoption of smartphones, an increase from 43% in 2010 to 57% in 2012 compared to an increase from 36% in 2010 to 46% in 2012 for non-Hispanics. Hispanics have taken the smartphone adoption a step further by using them to research and make purchases more than non-Hispanic consumers in every category. During the purchasing funnel, Hispanics are more likely to use social, mobile and online content as resources.

“For Hispanics it goes beyond setting trends. It is a digital lifestyle where mobile is now the primary device and this study provides new insight as to why this connectivity is so relevant to the Hispanic consumer,” said Fernando Rodriguez, CEO of Terra USA. “Mobile technology has so naturally integrated into the lives of Hispanics and they are aware of the fact that they are forging these digital trends,” concluded Rodriguez.

Another key finding is that digital advertising plays an increasingly important role in the purchasing decision process for Hispanics. They are more likely to remember brands advertised on portable devices and are motivated to visit brand websites and/or retail stores as a result of digital advertising and social posts. In fact, 38% of Hispanics agree that they are more likely to visit branded sites and retail stores compared to just 24% of non-Hispanics.

Terra’s 2012 Hispanic Digital Consumer Study by comScore takes an in-depth look at Hispanics’ interaction with eight specific advertiser categories including; Automotive, CPG, Entertainment, Financial Services/Insurance, Retail, Technology, Telecom and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR). Hispanics’ e-commerce purchases across categories outspend the average Internet user on automotive accessories, computer software, home appliances, laptop computers, online service subscriptions, toys/games, travel packages and more. The study also includes Hispanics’ intent to purchase and the amount they plan to spend in each of these categories.

The research shows that Hispanics significantly keep up with the latest movie releases through online campaigns and they consider themselves movie buffs. Hispanics are more likely to look up movie show times, theater locations and purchase movie tickets from mobile devices. They are also more likely to listen to music on their phone and download music. Hispanics stream and download digital music for free more than non-Hispanics who are more likely to consume music traditionally from the radio. The Hispanic consumer is very shopping savvy and will research, access and redeem incentive options online.

Terra’s study confirms that Hispanic consumers are active digital trendsetters and continue to be at the forefront of embracing mobile, social and digital technology while influencing overall digital consumer behavior in the U.S.


A nationally representative sample of 3,048 Hispanic and non-Hispanic consumers participated in the survey portion that was fielded from February 29-March 14, 2012, whose data was weighted to national online targets for age, gender, household income, and region of residence, and (for Hispanics only) language preference. Additionally, using comScore’s panel of one million people in the United States who have given comScore explicit permission to capture their browsing and transaction behavior, panelists’ online behavioral was passively observed for the study from January- March 2012.

About Terra

Terra is a leading global digital media company that reaches a monthly audience of nearly 100 million people interested in entertainment, sports, and news content across multiple platforms.

Chosen as one of the “2011 Most Innovative Companies” in the world, by Fast Company magazine, Terra has revolutionized the way consumers find and enjoy digital content in 19 countries, being the first company to broadcast live news, music concerts, summer and winter Olympics on the Internet.

Over its 12-year history, Terra has developed a strong presence in the United States and has become a leader in Latin America where its products Sonora and Terra TV reshaped the digital music and video landscape.


Terra’s Third comScore Digital Study Shows Hispanics’ Purchasing Funnel Fueled by Mobile and Social Engagement