Terror Swims across the Border!

Terror Swims across the Border!

It didn’t end with Jaws…Desert Mountain Media announces Tintorera (Killer Shark) 25th Anniversary Edition


Los Angeles, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–August 30, 2004–Just in time for Halloween, Desert Mountain Media premiers the DVD debut of a lost cult classic. René Cardona Jr.’s Tintorera is considered a world-wide cult phenomenon, with theatrical releases in the U.S. and Europe as well as Mexico and Latin America.

Shark hunters Steven and Miguel are vacationing in Cancun, and romancing English women, when the horribly mauled bodies of swimmers start washing ashore. The men decide to hunt the shark responsible for the deaths. In addition to Mexican sex symbol Andrés García, the film stars some of the most recognizable names and faces in cult films including Susan George (Pieces, Straw Dogs, Mandingo), Hugo Stiglitz (City of the Walking Dead, Survive!, Guyana: Cult of the Damned), Fiona Lewis (The Fury, Innerspace, Strange Behavior), and Priscilla Barnes (TV’s Three’s Company). The special 25th Anniversary Edition has been digitally restored, remastered and includes English subtitles, English and Spanish menus, biographies and trailers. Tintorera will be released September 21, 2004 with a DVD SRP of $14.95.

Desert Mountain Media is an independent home entertainment and multimedia company established by industry veterans to fulfill the increasing demand from niche markets in the DVD and television marketplace. Desert Mountain Media acquires licenses and distributes television and DVD entertainment programming in the U.S. as well as international territories. Desert Mountain Media is committed to excellence and offers the best in entertainment and DVD quality.

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Terror Swims across the Border!