The No. 1 TV Drama in Peru Can Also Be Seen in...

The No. 1 TV Drama in Peru Can Also Be Seen in the U.S.


MIAMI, July 13 /PRNewswire-HISPANC PR WIRE/ — What is it that makes a story unforgettable? Its characters? Its plot? Its protagonists? … In “Al fondo hay sitio” they’ve taken an exclusive residential community, added an upper class family (the Maldinis) and a secret ingredient … the Gonzales, a family of humble background whose ways manage to shake up their new neighborhood — and, why not?, also Latin TV in the United States with the help of its newest home: SUR Peru.

“At SUR Peru we are constantly striving to present the most important Peruvian genres and personalities, including news, entertainment, sports, cultural events … in short, the best content,” said Monica Brown, director of programming for the network. “That’s why, starting in July, we’re broadcasting “Al fondo hay sitio,” an authentic portrayal of everyday Peruvian life, bringing to U.S. TV screens a hit show that reaches beyond borders, putting the name of Peru in a prominent position and, best of all, keeping it there, at the top of the ratings.”

With a first-rate cast: Sergio Galliani, Ivonne Fraysinett, Monica Sanchez and Magdyel Ugaz, and a touch of romance and comedy. The success of “Al fondo hay sitio” transported them nearly half a continent away to tell their story, and, with SUR PERU’s help, it could go even further than we expected. That’s because it’s the most watched channel by the Peruvian community in the United States, and it is rebroadcast via satellite by DIRECTV Mas, while its distribution keeps on growing thanks to important cable providers such as Comcast in Chicago, Boston and Miami, and Time Warner in Los Angeles.

With each episode, between fights, love and indifference, “Al fondo hay sitio” has won a place in the homes of thousands of television viewers every night from Monday to Friday, 10:00 pm EST/7:00 pm Pacific, with reruns Tuesday to Saturday at 2:00 am EST/11:00 pm Pacific.

SOURCE SUR Corporation

The No. 1 TV Drama in Peru Can Also Be Seen in the U.S.