Launches a Movement to Get Out the Vote Launches a Movement to Get Out the Vote


MIAMI, March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Jessica Marie Gutierrez, CEO of the Hispanic Marketing company Influential Access, LLC. launched to galvanize a movement that inspires Latinos to register and get out the vote. is already a leader in social media and being recognized by top industry leaders including South by Southwest’s “The Social Revolucion” (sponsored by Univision) that nominated Gutierrez for This fascinating site arouses interest and captivates Latinos in order to engage and educate. It ignites a passion for politics and issues that plague our people. It’s a gateway to discover our courageous icons of yesterday and highlights the Entertainment in our community today. Moreover, it yields Marketing updates of savvy corporations dauntlessly investing their dollars into our market because they recognize our purchasing power in the US alone surged and surpassed a trillion dollars; a colossal figure equivalent to the 15th greatest economy in the world.

Yet many believe our vote doesn’t count because individually it will not determine the next election, but what we failed to realize is that when we do vote, then every politician will know the name of every Latino that voted. Therefore, when we add just one more vote to the “overall Latino vote,” then that number adds up and that’s what makes a difference.

Like most Latinos, I grew up in the pit and not the palace, but I was relentless and graduated college. I moved to Miami, a city where my mind was transformed, and I stumbled upon a new world that was beyond my wildest dreams. Suddenly I was among the elite – from working with celebrities, jet setting around the world to meeting with President Obama. I realized that I am living proof that our mind determines who we are, what we can do and what we can have! Therefore, my fellow Latinos share with your network, post it on your Facebook, share it with the world and let’s show America que Si Se Puede!

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Jessica Marie Gutierrez
CEO, Influential Access and Creator of The Hispanic Blog

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Jessica Marie Gutierrez

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