Award-Winning Series ‘Tiempo Final’ Debuts in United States Exclusively on Cinelatino

Award-Winning Series ‘Tiempo Final’ Debuts in United States Exclusively on Cinelatino

First television series to air on leading Spanish-language movie channel


MIAMI, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Beginning tonight, “Tiempo Final” the brilliant award-winning dramatic series produced by Fox Telecolombia, will debut in the United States tonight exclusively on Cinelatino, marking the first time the leading Spanish-language premium movie channel in the United States will air a television series.

“Tiempo Final” is considered one of the greatest Latin American productions due to its extraordinary casting and high cinematographic production quality. “Tiempo Final” won “Best Series” at the 2008 Cartagena Film Festival, the most prestigious award in Colombian television and one of the most important recognitions in Latin America.

Filled with intrigue and suspense, “Tiempo Final” narrates everyday scenarios that suddenly change course, creating desperate situations for the protagonists with an unforeseen finale. The stories presented are laced with betrayal, infidelity, romance, friendship, family and black humor: a husband who plots to kill his wife to escape with his lover; a boyfriend who cons his fiance and her friends in an attempt to have the most unforgettable bachelor party; or a phony doctor who, on his first day, has to tend to criminals after a failed coup.

The first two seasons of “Tiempo Final” are composed of a total of 41 episodes filled with powerful suspense in which each situation begins, develops and concludes in real time during the course of one hour, in one location and with few characters — a combination that accentuates the suspense.

The cast is composed of an incredible selection of the most relevant and prestigious talent from across Latin America, including Mexicans Ana Claudia Talancon (El crimen del padre Amaro), Martha Higareda (Ninas mal), Cecilia Suarez (Spanglish), Ivonne Montero (Anita no te rajes), Miguel Rodarte (Rebelde), Sergio Mayer (La fea mas bella), Adriana Barraza (Babel); Venezuelans Jean Paul Leroux (Secuestro Expres), Ruddy Rodriguez (La ex), Sonya Smith (Cara Sucia), Juan Alfonso Bautista (Pasion de gavilanes); Columbians Flora Martinez (Proof of Life), Danna Garcia (Pasion de gavilanes), Manolo Cardona (La mujer de mi hermano), Victor Mallarino (Bluff), Marlon Moreno (Perro come perro), Lorna Paz (Betty la fea); Argentines Federico Lorusso (Bluff), Geraldine Zivic (Los Reyes), Lorena Meritano (Sonar no cuesta nada); Chilean Beto Cuevas (Grupo La Ley); Peruvians Andrea Montenegro (El Zorro), Salvador del Solar (Pantaleon y las visitadoras), Diego Bertie (Esto huele mal); North American David Carradine (Kill Bill), among many others.

“We are proud to offer our viewers this thrilling drama that encompasses a wide range of themes that could easily take place in Buenos Aires, Lima, Bogota, Santiago or Mexico City,” said Mr. Jim McNamara, Chairman of Cinelatino. “We strive to deliver the latest, most premium, award-winning productions to satisfy the diverse tastes of our varied Latino audience.”

Filmed in High Definition, single-camera style, “Tiempo Final” is the first premium quality original dramatic series produced by Twentieth Century Fox in Colombia. It is created by Sebastian and Alejandro Borensztein, well-known Argentine brothers.

The episodes were directed by three young directors, Juan Felipe Orozco (director of “Al final del espectro”), Riccardo Gabrielli (director of “Cuando rompen las olas”) and Felipe Martinez (director of “Bluff”), who have each earned numerous praise and awards in the film and media industries on a national and international level.

“Tiempo Final” is available exclusively on Cinelatino in the United States. The first episode, “Mano a mano,” with Luigi Aicardi, Cristina Umana and Nicolas Montero, will debut on Tuesday, February 3, at 9:00 p.m. EST. A new episode will debut each Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. EST, with a repetition of the episode from the previous week at 9:00 p.m. EST. Both episodes will repeat on Thursdays at 11:00 p.m. EST and again on Saturdays at 9:00 p.m. EST.

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Award-Winning Series ‘Tiempo Final’ Debuts in United States Exclusively on Cinelatino