Todobebe Celebrates the Year of the 1,000,000th U.S. Hispanic Baby

Todobebe Celebrates the Year of the 1,000,000th U.S. Hispanic Baby


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–January 31, 2006–Todobebe announced today it has projected 2006 as the year the number of babies born to Hispanic parents will cross 1,000,000 for the first time in the United States and it has several plans in order to lead a year of celebration.

“No one is born with an instruction manual, and being a parent in the U.S., though a wonderful opportunity, is also full of challenges to overcome. We’re excited to celebrate this landmark year by rolling out many new initiatives to help make pregnancy and parenting healthier and full of fun for Hispanic families,” said Todobebe CEO Gillian Sandler.

This year coincides with the 100th episode of the Todobebe TV show produced by Todobebe. It is also’s 7th birthday.

The Todobebe Top 10 List for Hispanic Families in 2006 includes:

1. Todobebe’s first book in Spanish and English – written by Todobebe co-host, Editor in Chief, and mother of two, Jeannette Kaplun. It hits stores May 9th in time for Mother’s Day.

2. Todobebe DVD – the best of Todobebe TV on video – Summer release

3. Todobebe Radio – allowing parents to tune into expert tips on radio in Spanish

4. Todobebe TV – exciting new seasons with original episodes on Telemundo

5. Todobebe events – bringing Todobebe parenting activities and experts to Hispanic families in person at community events starting with Miami, L.A., NY

6. Todobebe House Party – 1,000 homes nationwide in simultaneous celebration

7. Todobebe TV special – sensational televised baby shower helping moms in need

8. – exciting new content channels and interactive tools for parents

9. Todobebe music – introducing special music in Spanish for babies and toddlers

10. Todobebe contests and prizes for Hispanic babies – every month new winners

Join Todobebe and its club members, TV audience, readers, contributing doctors and experts, and our partners in celebration: 2006 will bring 1 million new lives; help create as many new beginnings.

About Todobebe

Todobebe, the family brand dedicated to families who are planning, expecting and raising babies, is a multimedia company that includes: Todobebe TV, the only network TV show on child rearing, airing every week nationwide on the Telemundo Network in the U.S. and via Televisa Networks in Mexico., the #1 Internet destination for Spanish-speaking families expecting and raising babies since 1999. The Todobebe Book, the new parenting guide for babies 0-12 months published by Harper Collins-Rayo in English and Spanish. Todobebe Direct, the bilingual parenting and pregnancy print supplement distributed via ADVO’s Shop-Wise. Todobebe Parenting Tips, airing hourly in 513 Wal-Mart stores nationwide in the US via PRN.

Todobebe Celebrates the Year of the 1,000,000th U.S. Hispanic Baby