Toyota Introduces Its New Brand Message, to Meet Latino Customers’ Goals

Toyota Introduces Its New Brand Message, to Meet Latino Customers’ Goals


Torrance, CA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–October 11, 2004–Toyota shares an important goal with customers – the desire to continuously get more out of life. The spirit of continuous improvement is captured in Toyota’s new brand message, “Avanza Confiado”, which is debuting to the public this month in commercials during evening network television programming and will be rolled out as a motivational theme for dealers and Toyota employees.

The General Manager for Conill, Toyota’s Hispanic advertising agency, Carlos Martinez, affirmed that “Avanza Confiado”, Toyota’s new brand message, “loyally reflects how each generation of Latinos expects to make more progress than the one before them and it is easy to see how the Latino community has flourished in recent decades in every aspect of its participation in U.S. society.”

Martinez specified that “Latinos in this country look for loyal partners in whom they can trust, and Toyota has demonstrated over the years that it is a trustworthy partner.”

Additionally, Jim Lentz, group vice president of Toyota marketing, signaled that the adoption of the brand message “Avanza Confiado,” “means that at Toyota we have a passion for innovation and discovery and that we’re never standing still. As a result, we’re designing and building cars and trucks that help our customers achieve their goals.”

The strategy behind the new brand message was developed through a yearlong research process with Toyota and Conill conducting research in Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas. Originally the brand message is “Moving Forward, but it was modified in accordance with the cultural values of the market. The brand message is inspired in fundamental human values that motivate every individual to improve. Therefore, “Moving Forward” was transformed into “Avanza Confiado”, for the Latino market.

“’Moving Forward” is much more than a tag line to us,” said Lentz. “It’s an opportunity to inspire everyone within the company, as well as appeal to our customers, to celebrate their next stage in life. Choose any direction, as long as it’s forward.”

Martinez expressed that “Avanza Confiado”, also forms part of Toyota’s permanent commitment to maintain a lasting relationship with the Latino community. Latinos have a desire to make progress, they are optimistic, persevere and are determined independently of any obstacles along the way.

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Toyota Introduces Its New Brand Message, to Meet Latino Customers’ Goals