Painless Treatment for Common Health Condition

Painless Treatment for Common Health Condition


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–Are you feeling fatigued, weakness, forgetfulness? Do you have a lack of coordination or difficulty walking? These are the common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, a severe and under-diagnosed problem throughout the world that is now being associated with Alzheimer’s disease, among other common ailments.

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that plays an important role in the formation of red blood cells and in the health of nerve tissue. Left untreated, vitamin B12 deficiency may lead to anemia, intestinal problems and irreversible nerve damage. It is a severe problem that affects people of all races and is especially prevalent in people of European, African, Mexican and South American descent. Generally, no one knows what causes B12 deficiency. But certain groups of people are particularly vulnerable, such as those who have had gastric bypass surgery or gastrectomy, AIDS patients or people suffering from Crohn’s disease.

In the United States, estimates suggest over 20 percent of the population may be deficient or borderline deficient. A study of 3000 people in Framington, Mass., funded by the Agricultural Research Service, the USDA’s chief scientific agency, found 39 percent of test subjects with blood B12 levels in the “low normal” range. And the incidence appears to increase with age. In one study, 15 percent of adults older than 65 years had laboratory evidence of vitamin B12 deficiency. Additionally, a report in The New England Journal of Medicine provides some of the most powerful evidence yet of an association between B12 deficiency and dementia risk. The NIH-sponsored Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study, a nationwide consortium of research centers, is already planning a clinical trial of folate and vitamins B6 and B12 to test whether reducing homocysteine levels with high doses of these vitamin supplements can slow the rate of cognitive decline in people diagnosed with Alzheimer’sDisease.

The good news is that, once diagnosed, B12 deficiency is easy to treat. However, for years the only FDA-approved treatment for B12 deficiency was a lifelong supplication to painful injections, which was also synonymous with inconvenient monthly visits to the doctor’s office. But treatment of B12 deficiency just got easier. Now the FDA has approved a simple and painless nasal B12 spray that is self-administered and requires nothing more than one puff in one nostril, once a week, to maintain B12 blood levels. Nascobal(R) (Cyanocobalamin, USP) Nasal Spray is now available throughout the U.S.

“Vitamin B12 deficiency is a significant medical issue that can now be addressed with the only FDA-approved pain-free medication in Nascobal,” said Edwin B. Hernandez, co-founder of the company that owns Nascobal. “Nascobal nasal spray is a technological breakthrough in vitamin B12 delivery and we are delighted to offer patients this more convenient treatment option.”

The nasal spray has several advantages over the traditional injections besides an increase in comfort. Nascobal has a weekly dosing, which helps patients avoid the peak and troughs in serum levels associated with injections. Additionally, since the product is a simple nasal spray, treatment for B12 deficiency becomes less of a burden, primarly for the elderly or those with mobility issues who cannot reguarly get to a doctor for injections.

“Nascobal has made a huge difference in my life. I hated having to give myself shots every month and with Nascobal it is so simple and pain-free and I don’t have the stress of having to get to a doctor’s office in time each month,” said Lynda Blake, Seattle, W.A..

The product is only available by prescription. If you believe you are suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency, visit your physician to discuss the importance of vitamin B12 treatment. To learn more about Nascobal, call 1-866-528-4750 or visit

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Painless Treatment for Common Health Condition