IDT’s TuYo Mobile Launches Breakthrough Wireless Feature, Conecta2

IDT’s TuYo Mobile Launches Breakthrough Wireless Feature, Conecta2

First Wireless Provider to Feature International Call Forwarding


Newark, NJ–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–March 28, 2007–IDT’s TuYo Mobile today announced the launch of its newest calling feature, Conecta2. The feature allows callers in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and the Dominican Republic to call TuYo Mobile subscribers in the US for free, while the subscriber pays TuYo Mobile’s international rates plus airtime for the call. TuYo Mobile is IDT Telecom’s prepaid wireless service designed to meet the mobile calling needs of the U.S. Latino community. IDT Telecom is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation (NYSE:IDT, IDT.C), a multinational corporation with operations in telecommunications and other industries.

“Conecta2 is designed to keep subscribers connected with their friends and family back home,” said IDT Director of Wireless Marketing Robert Santana. “Now subscribers can rest easy knowing that their loved ones abroad can call anytime for free even if only to catch up or in the case of emergency.”

The Conecta2 service provides TuYo Mobile subscribers with a toll free access number in their participating country of choice. Callers in participating countries dial the toll free access number and enter a TuYo Mobile phone number followed by a security code set by the subscriber. Calls will forward only to the TuYo Mobile subscriber’s handset in the U.S. An international rate as low as ten cents per minute plus airtime will apply to the account balance of the TuYo Mobile customer receiving the international call.

Customers can also use their TuYo Mobile phone service account number as a prepaid calling card. This feature allows customers to make domestic and international calls from any phone using their available account balance.

As a special promotion, from March 19th through April 30th, 2007, TuYo Mobile customers can use the Conecta2 service free of charge. Only standard airtime fees and charges will apply. Conecta2 does not require signup.

TuYo Mobile provides many additional features and services that are important to Latino consumers, including direct international dialing, competitive rates to Latin America, state-of-the-art handsets, a fully bilingual customer experience, and country specific alerts featuring breaking regional news, Hispanic celebrity gossip, sports, politics and horoscopes. Also, TuYo Mobile features a large selection of ring tones that span many genres including Reggaeton, Bachata, Salsa, Corrido, Cumbia, Mariachi, Merengue, Tejano, Grupero, Hip Hop and Pop/Rock Alternative.

TuYo Mobile wireless service is available in most major Latino markets in the US. Products are currently sold at hundreds of authorized stores in Los Angeles, Chicago, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, California and Nevada. Customers can also sign up for TuYo Mobile at or through Customer Care at 877-IDT-TUYO (877-438-8896).

About TuYo Mobile:

TuYo Mobile is a prepaid cellular service that does not require a contract or credit check and has no hidden charges. TuYo Mobile is geared towards the U.S. Latino market; offering its customers a completely bilingual experience, direct international dialing, low rates to Latin America and culturally relevant content.

The TuYo Mobile brand name comes from a combination of the Spanish words “tu” (you) and “yo” (I or me). Together they form the word “TuYo” (yours). The brand’s marketing campaigns include TV, radio, print, outdoors advertising and community events focused on Spanish-speaking consumers.

TuYo Mobile offers Latino consumers high-quality GSM handsets and a suite of international voice and data features at affordable prices.

About IDT:

IDT Corporation is an innovative and opportunity-seeking multinational company with operations that span various industries. Through its Telecom subsidiary, IDT provides telecommunications services worldwide to the retail and wholesale markets. IDT’s Capital division incubates newer businesses, and the company’s Spectrum subsidiary holds its spectrum license assets.

IDT Telecom provides retail and wholesale telecommunications services and products, including pre-paid and rechargeable calling cards, consumer local, long distance, and wireless phone services, and wholesale carrier services. Under the Net2Phone brand name, the company also provides a range of voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) communications services.

IDT Capital’s operations include an Energy Services Company (ESCO) in New York State, debt collection, ethnic food distribution, brochure distribution and other initiatives.

IDT Corporation’s Class B Common Stock and Common Stock trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbols IDT and IDT.C, respectively.

IDT’s TuYo Mobile Launches Breakthrough Wireless Feature, Conecta2