New Survey Finds That Hispanics Stand by Their Dairy and Will Not...

New Survey Finds That Hispanics Stand by Their Dairy and Will Not Give It Up

The LACTAID(R) Brand’s ‘National Dairy Month’ Survey Reveals Most Hispanics Will Suffer Stomach Discomfort rather Than Skip Their Favorite Dairy Product


Fort Washington, PA–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–June 25, 2004–June is National Dairy Month, a perfect time to enjoy summer treats such as ice cream and licuados. But for up to 75 percent of Hispanics this enjoyment may only last for 30 minutes to two hours since that is the amount of time it takes for symptoms such as gas, stomach cramps, bloating, and diarrhea to take effect. The reason is that many Hispanics have lactose intolerance, which is a condition that causes these symptoms after dairy products are consumed. However, the new LACTAID(R) Brand’s “National Dairy Month” survey1 found that 87 percent of Hispanic respondents do not miss out on some of their favorite foods such as flan, tres leche cake or enchiladas because of this condition.

Other interesting facts from the survey:

— Nine out of 10 Hispanics said they still eat dairy foods even when they experience digestive discomfort after dairy consumption

— 20 percent said chocolate chip ice cream is their favorite ice cream flavor

— 27 percent considered themselves to be lactose intolerant

The LACTAID(R) Brand’s “National Dairy Month” survey revealed that knowledge of lactose intolerance due to lactase insufficiency is quite low. Focus groups have shown that many Hispanics confuse lactose intolerance with milk allergies or simply believe that dairy does not “sit well” with them and that there is no solution. Other misconceptions include that lactose (the natural sugar in milk) is the fat in milk and that fat-free or lowfat milk versions will help avoid symptoms.

According to Registered Dietitian Monica Montez of NEW Health Nuevo Salud in Los Angeles, avoiding dairy is a huge problem in the Hispanic community. “Avoiding dairy products can result in calcium and vitamin D deficiencies and increase the risk of various diseases such as osteoporosis,” said Montez, “Dairy foods are an important part of a healthy diet and products such as LACTAID(R) Milk and Supplements make enjoying dairy products an important nutritional decision for lactose intolerant sufferers.”

For those who are lactose intolerant, symptoms can be easily and effectively managed with LACTAID(R) Brand products – including LACTAID(R) Milk and LACTAID(R) Dietary Supplements – without eliminating dairy. LACTAID(R) Milk, perfect for drinking, cooking and baking, is real, farm fresh milk that contains a lactase enzyme that breaks down the difficult-to-digest lactose into easily digested simple sugars. LACTAID(R) Supplements contain a natural enzyme to make dairy foods easier to digest and can be used anytime, anywhere.

The LACTAID(R) Brand’s “National Dairy Month” survey of 1,037 adults 18 years of age or older was conducted by telephone from April 15-19, 2004.

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LACTAID(R) Brand Milk and Dietary Supplements allow people with dairy digestive problems to enjoy dairy products once more. LACTAID(R) Brand products include: LACTAID(R) Dietary Supplements, which naturally break down milk sugar, and LACTAID(R) Milk. LACTAID(R) Dietary Supplements are available in both caplets and chewables. LACTAID(R) Milk is perfect for drinking, cooking and baking and is available in whole, 1%, 2%, fat-free and calcium-fortified varieties. You can find out more about LACTAID(R) Brand Products at or by calling 1-800-LACTAID.

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New Survey Finds That Hispanics Stand by Their Dairy and Will Not Give It Up