An Ex-Navy SEAL Is Hunted Down By Some Of The World’s Military...

An Ex-Navy SEAL Is Hunted Down By Some Of The World’s Military Forces In Discovery en Espanol’s New Series

The network premieres CACERIA HUMANA, a new production that is an extreme version of hide-and-go-seek


MIAMI, April 15, 2014 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Discovery en Espanol launches the series CACERIA HUMANA (Manhunt) during its programming block, “Jueves de Aventura,” featuring Joel Lambert, a former US Navy SEAL who was active in missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan. In this action series, a true cat and mouse game, ensues as Joel tries to escape the highly-trained tactical units of some of the best-known military forces in the world–and he will have to do it in less than 48 hours. CACERIA HUMANA kicks off on May 1st and will be airing Thursdays at 8PM ET/ PT.

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Filmed on-location in the United States, Panama, Poland, South Africa, Philippines and South Korea, each episode of CACERIA HUMANA follows Joel as he is dropped at a starting point with a head start. With Joel’s reputation and the trackers’ national pride at risk, the stakes are extraordinarily high. In less than two days, Joel must reach a pre-arranged extraction point—or risk capture. Joel is given minimal supplies to survive—and anything else he needs, he must to find a way.

The cameras following these manhunts capture the action up-close and from varying angles, giving viewers the chance to accompany not only Joel, but the teams trying to track him as well, without missing a minute of action. As an expert in the art of escape and evasion, Joel must take advantage of any overzealous mistakes each tactical unit might make while trying to capture their prey. Yet, the hardest challenge ends up being to escape these highly-trained search teams while also battling dehydration, hunger and the harsh weather environments. Can Joel avoid being captured or will he be a victim of his hunters…or maybe even a victim of his very own surroundings?

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An Ex-Navy SEAL Is Hunted Down By Some Of The World’s Military Forces In Discovery en Espanol’s New Series