An unforgettable honeymoon destination

An unforgettable honeymoon destination


–(ConTexto Latino)–A honeymoon is, without a doubt, the most memorable moment that signals the beginning of a new marriage. The main part of your whole wedding plan should be centered on finding an appropriate and unforgettable location to spend these first few moments of married bliss. Many Latino couples opt for simple weddings and then go all out on their honeymoons. They prefer to spend the majority of their budgets on their honeymoons, which is actually a very smart decision on their parts.

They may all have different tastes, but hotels and resorts in secluded and exotic islands surrounded by nature and beautiful beaches, rank high on their list. These are some of their preferred spots to utter that famous phrase: “Alone at last!”

It is very important to plan your honeymoon trip. Look into your destination carefully and ask all the necessary questions in order to know more about the place that interests you. Do not fall for a cheap spot and /or beautiful flyers. Keep in mind that your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience that does not need to be ruined with bad choices.

Try to select a spot that is already well known and recommended by travel industry experts. Like Jamaica, for instance. The island finished in second place in Modern Bride’s 50 Best Honeymoon Destinations Eighth Annual Survey. Condé Nast describes the island as “the sexiest spot in the Caribbean for a honeymoon.”

The extraordinary variety of elegant all-inclusive resorts at affordable costs makes Jamaica a favorite destination to satisfy a new couples’ dream. The nature, exclusivity, outdoor activities, and beautiful beaches make the perfect backdrop for a fabulous honeymoon. You can even get married on the beach if you want to. Some resorts even offer a wedding planner, who can coordinate all your activities in their totality.

As a complement, Jamaica also offers a vast array of aquatic sports; it has excellent conditions for scuba diving and a fascinating submarine life that is ideal for snorkeling. Typical island dishes satisfy the tastes of the fussiest eater, who can partake in a dinner under the stars to an exquisite room service breakfast. After sunset, you can enjoy a dynamic nightlife to the reggae beat.

Numerous airlines travel to Jamaica on a daily basis. Flights depart from airports all over the United States. A flight to Jamaica from New York takes about 3 hours and only 2 hours from Miami.

No matter what you choose for your final destination, it is important to pick a place based on your preferences and budget. This will ensure a delightful honeymoon experience.

For more info on Jamaica, logon to or contact the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) toll-free at 1-800-233-4582.

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An unforgettable honeymoon destination