A New ‘Shade’ of E-Cards

A New ‘Shade’ of E-Cards

MushyGushy is First to Allow Users to Personalize E-Greetings Based on Ethnicity, Skin-Tone, and Gender and Send via Google


Parsippany, NJ–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – BUSINESS WIRE)–May 3, 2007–A new e-greetings service is available just in time for Mother’s Day that opens the door for people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. MushyGushy (http://www.mushygushy.com) lets users create personalized animations and utilize Google search phrases as an optional delivery vehicle for their initial line of more than fifty e-cards (“GushyGrams”). MushyGushy is also a first to allow anyone to cut and paste headshots into animated greetings while matching skin-tones and facial complexions.

According to the Greeting Card Association, this Mother’s Day, an estimated 150 Million Mother’s Day cards will be exchanged making it the third-largest card sending holiday of the year.

Customizable e-greeting cards are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, the Office Max recent e-greeting campaign “Elf Yourself,” generated more than 11 million customized elves between November 27 and New Year’s. At its peak, more than 40,000 per hour were created according to USA Today, Interactive Campaigns Build Buzz with Fun- January 18, 2007.

With MushyGushy, users have a wide selection of special Google “search phrases” to personalize their GushyGram. Once a receiver goes to Google and types in his/her personalized search phrase, they will find their GushyGram near the top of the “sponsored links” section.

One simple click and any special someone will receive a fully animated GushyGram. The surprise of finding their matching Google search result and the fun of getting a personalized GushyGram creates double the impact for recipients.

“This is truly a unique and long overdue service for members of all minority communities,” said Roger Watkins, Founder of WorkplaceDiversity.com, a national diversity recruitment firm. “Many times I’ve personally gone into a local card store or online to get a greeting card and found the selection for minority groups limited at best. All of the e-cards on MushyGushy offer the skin tone matching and gender changing feature.”

MushyGushy allows anyone with a computer to seamlessly integrate a digital photo into a GushyGram with their user-friendly “head-cutting tool.” After heads have been cut and sized, users then select matching skin tones and gender assignments. Finished heads can then be saved for future use in your “Head Case,” which automatically remembers skin tones and gender assignments.

According to a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, entitled The holidays online: Emails and e-greetings outpace e-commerce, 32% of Internet users (over 30 million people) sent e-greeting cards to loved ones and friends over the holiday season. Hispanics were more likely than other ethnic and racial groups to have sent e-greeting cards – 45% of them did so.

“Today’s society is all about self-expression and connection via the Web,” said Kurt Schwartz, owner and founder of MushyGushy. “People love watching themselves, family, and friends in our top of the line animations. Using our Google feature as an optional delivery mechanism makes the whole process more engaging and the connection between sender and receive much stronger.”

MushyGushy (http://www.mushygushy.com) is based in Parsippany, New Jersey. Unlike traditional e-greeting cards, which tend to be impersonal, MushyGushy takes e-greetings to a whole new level in personalization for everyone. Send a GushyGram today; you’ll love the reaction you get.

Editors Note: If your media outlet would like a GushyGram with your reporters’ heads included, please contact us at (973) 868-1000.

A New ‘Shade’ of E-Cards